Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Once upon a time like any other stories with happy ending but I think this one doesn't...a young lady devoted her whole life to her family. Her family was not well off and during her teen age she have started to work and she was lucky to find a job as a nurse and she though she does not have much knowledge or proper English language education background, she was offered to undergo trainings. She worked hard and she got through the training and worked as a nurse. At this point I think it looked like a happy ending for this young lady just like the fairytale story but that's just the beginning of her life.
She came from a big family consisting of her mom, two sisters and three brothers. During that time, everyone have settle off their life, getting married and have kids and all. She is a kind hearted lady and when there is a financial need from her siblings, she would try all her best to help without hesitation. She did not get married like all her other siblings does and she adopted a baby girl from a poor family. Along the way of bringing up her adopted daughter, she also adopted her nephew whom her brother did not care of.
No one would ever thought that one day their mother was showing signs of deterioration of physical strength or mental functioning which what we always call "senile". No one wanted to take care of this senile mother, giving all sorts of reasons and left the young lady to take care of their senile mother. She was not young anymore but she did not show much reasoning or hesitation because that was her own mother.  At the start her brother provided some financial help to hire a maid but soon after that, he stopped helping out and as time passed, her mother's mental and physical deterioration gets worst. Her burden doubled without the help of the maid and she needs to take care of her mother's daily needs from shower to food. That's not all she has got to worry of. Her nephew was rather rebellious at his teen age and she had to go around chasing after her nephew to get him back on the education track so that it would ensure a better future for her nephew. 
After three to four years taking care of her senile mother, her mother passed away. Nothing to be happy about but the least is that her burden has lessen and both her adopted daughter and nephew have went out to work. All her life working and at the end of her retirement, she did not own a property and rented an apartment to live with her adopted daughter. 
Her daughter married and they live together with her daughter. Life was fine and her nephew and little brother visited her every month. Everything was good and who would have thought that she would get senile as well. I guess this problem will cause most of your close relatives to "stay away" from you...Her nephew and little brother who visits her every month, stops visiting her and there is once, that her adopted daughter went for a trip and desperately needed care for her adopted mother and placed her at the nephew's place. The sad thing is that this lady's nephew and family could not tolerate her being senile and force her to go home. 
Sometimes I do wonder what this old lady has done for everyone is worth it or not because towards the end of the day, these blood-related relatives just push her away when she is senile...there are many "what if"s in my head; "what if she was not so kind, will she have a better life?", "what if she did not adopted a daughter, will any of her relatives take care of her when she's senile?" and there are simply too many "what if"s for me to ask... 
I just think it's worthless to be kind for these type of people and sorry, I will not follow these foot steps to be kind and serve these kind of people even if I could...if they need help, fine, find another person in this world that have unconditional help with no interest rate and even no returns needed. I guess these people have reached my limit for "forgive and forget"...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mixed Feelings

It's been awhile since I last made a blog entry here and there are a lot of things happening in my life but somehow I just did not have that kind of motivation and inspiration...last semester was my last and it was a lot more stress compare to normal semester because of the urge to have all the subjects taken to pass but at least those effort paid off n___n 
It's rather ridiculous that last time, I just wished that the semester break would extend some more for my hobby activities but now that I'm graduating soon, it just feels...weird? tired?
It just feels weird that last time, I always wished that I would graduate soon as possible but now I just feel like going back to that period of time to rush for assignments everyday, team up with different people for every semester, rushing for tutorial classes and skip for lecture classes *oppssy*

Let's not go on ranting hahaha XD
This week's offer from McDonald's is really tempting and people were lining up during lunch time O___O
For more information, check out on their Facebook page n___^


Friday, April 29, 2011

Childhood Stories

 While my friends were paying for their car parking fee, I walk around the corner and polaroid-looking pictures caught my eyes... I always love polaroid motif collections and childhood themes items n__n When I saw them, I got stuck at the shop and I have to ask my friend to wait for me while I choose which one to buy *o*

 I finally made the decision to buy these which are postcard collections that is pack in tin boxes

The square tin box comes with 50 pieces of postcards in polaroid like form and 5 stickers

The back of the polaroid postcards is an antique like postcard

The saleslady told me that it was a sales and discount have been given and they pack in 4 mini clips and a string as a gift n___n

This is the image at the back of the tin box of the rectangular one

It comes with 42 pieces of bookmark cards and...

5 pieces of stamps
Well, this set is packed with childhood theme cards and when I first saw it, I really wanted to buy it for it reminds me of the moments that I have imagined to have with my cat when I first had a cat as my pet

Among all the designs of the bookmarks, I love this one the most for it's a genuine and innocent friendship between a cat and the girl
When I was about to make my payment for my collections, I found this lovely notebook diary and there were a lot of designs and I grab this rose pattern one for it's lovely

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun and Work

For the past few weeks, I have been kinda busy with my assignments since starting of this semester, our semester has been squeeze into 12 weeks instead of 14 weeks =___= Though so, I still have some fun hanging around with my friends n_n
This semester I am taking Digital Video and Audio which I could do filming and I get to use the semi-pro camcorder to record my video ^___^v
Actually last sem, we used the same camcorder to do our Final Year Project (FYP) but I have no idea how to use it and most of the time, we just leave it to one of our group member who has some idea about filming and handling the camcorder ^__n

Honestly, the filming part was really fun though the preparation was quite troubling for not all the items that I need for our filming is available in one place =___+

All the hours of preparation and filming is in this 1 hour mini DV tape *o*

Random fun stuff

McD free breakfast spam XD
One of our crazy fun activity n___n

Friday, April 8, 2011

Cbox Deleted

I have deleted my Cbox in my blog for I find that there are more spamming and advertising of unknown third-party websites. If you wish to comment of chat anything in my blog, please post it in the comment section of the posts and I'll be notify by my email and I'll reply to you as soon as possible >_n

Thank you

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Since last week (11th March 2011), sad news kept coming from Japan from the highest magnitude earth quake strike to Tsunami which hit Japan in a few minutes after the earth quake. Both of these natural disasters have cause severe damages in Northeastern Japan. Asides from that, the Tsunami has caused the explosion of the nuclear plant in Fukushima leading to probabilities of the radiation leakage from the nuclear plant. For updates regarding the situation, you can check it at Google Crisis Response.

These victims need helps from everyone and for those who wishes to contribute in monetary terms could contribute either through 

global giving

For Malaysians, you may contact Malaysian Red Crescent Society which they have options of local bank transfer and cheque options and the details could be found in their website:

Apart from monetary, mentally support is important as well whereby you could take part in the 1000 Cranes for Japan by taking pictures of origami cranes that you have made and send the picture to las1000grullas@gmail.com

Other from those ways that I have mentioned you can contribute in other ways or rather your own way such as praying for them for what matters is sincerity from our heart and there is  NO judgement of how much for...

~A Little Help from You and Me Makes BIG DIFFERENCE to THEM~

P/s: Thank you to Merrinette for the information regarding the donation details n_n

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shocked to Sadness...

Yesterday the whole morning, my handphone was in hibernate mode and when I was charging my phone, it was already around 10pm...I switch on my phone to check if there is anything and there were 2 messages which one is from Digi (promotion message) and one was from an unknown number and I thought that might be some prank messages or some wrong number when I read the first few words until I came to see my friend's name...I mean car crash is like a daily news on the newspaper but I did not think that it would happen to my friend...
Honestly, I was shocked that I was stiff but it feels motionless and I could believe it for just a few weeks back..he was posting about the Chinese New Year Gathering on Facebook and now...
I hardly could sleep last night and I asked my friend where is the funeral but she adviced me that it's best that I should not go and I was was emotionless and I think I stayed up late last night but there was no tears from my eyes until this morning when I wake up, my tears rolling down my cheecks and the tears was flooding in my eyes when I was driving to my friend's house...
When I reached my friend's house, I finally broke down and start crying out...
My memories about him was rolling in my head...
I hope that he will rest in peace in the hands of God...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

~~Happy Chinese New Year~~
May The Year Of The Bunny
Bring Everyone A Happy New Year

Sunday, January 23, 2011

CNY approaching...very soon...

Every year when this time comes, there is only 2 things that bug me

1 ---> My exam result (it won't bug me anymore next year)
Well, at least the result was released already on Friday and at least my study had paid off
(well not that of a hardwork but at least what I have done for my study is what I have get)
So I'm gonna reward myself by opening up a box of Pullip doll (maybe 2 box?)

Image taken from dan_dal
2 ---> Spring cleaning...my worst nightmare...
Basically, I have an allergy to dust (weird but true) but I SURVIVE IT! Though I have a lot of scratch on my hands and legs due to the itch from the dust allergy... well... at least the good news is that I'm down to a few more things to prepare for Chinese New Year (CNY) n_n

Well, other from spring cleaning, there are some To-Do-List for my own before CNY
--Make some clothes for my doll darlings--
--Clean up my room (^_^lll) --
--Drama marathon (not that important XD)--
--Sharpen my crocheting skills--
--Do some scrapbooking (Something to inspire myself)--

Less Talk and Get Things Done

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Image taken from Tokyo5

Hahaha...it was yesterday but I was rather busy with my own things to deal with and only today that I realize that I forgotten to update my poor little blog which I have been abandoning for half a month now...
Looking back to 2010, I guess I have achieve something and learnt something new from it like great team work that in the team that I have gain is not just being given a name "TEAM MEMBERS" and doing the assignment individually in the end... I really work with them and we brainstorm ideas together and face the problems and solve the problems together but the most memorable part is "LESS ME MORE WE"
There are some unhappy events that I have faced in 2010 but most of the time it's happy just that sometimes I'm rather busy with stuff and I did not blog or maybe I'll back date it when I have time this summer holiday n_n

Image taken from Anime Galleries

Hope that the year of the Rabbit which is my birth year, brings equal or more fun to everyone n_n
♥ So don't get carried away

Love Fishes