Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My January summary...

My final examination is finally out on the 14 January 2008 but doesn't turns out to be what i've expected *_*

Sigh~ I'failed my HBM 110...Well, honestly i work quite hard in my degree program a lot harder than i was in mmy previous school years n hubby dear gave me a lot of support n guide me to be more hardworking o.o At the very beginning when i 1st got to know my result, i thought i failed my QuantitativeAnalysis for the code for both Quatitative Analysis n The Marketing Concept is about the same just that Quantitative Analysis's code is HMB 110 *_*"

Due to the examination result slip distributing schedule for Multimedia students is in the afternoon (which i usually spent my noon time with hubby dear at his shop to help out...i mean looking after the shop), i din take my result til 21 January 2008 @@" i got a shock knowing that i actually failed my Marketing Concept +_+ NOOOOO...I felt as though i fell into a deep deep black hole...Well, the least i can do is re-sit the paper since i'm given the chance...Yup! Can say lucky me i got a re-sit n hubby dear supported me to take the re-sit paper so i'll start my studies again on my Marketing Concept @_^ GAMBATTEEE!

I'll do my best n thanks alot for supporting me my dear hubby ^_^ Really gives me the strenght to study for my re-sit paper though CNY is just around the corner @_@"

Love Fishes