Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Miniature Crocheting

After practicing with my wrong sized tools and yarn, I finally bought the correct size or rather bigger sized ones and it's much easier for a newbie in crochet n_n Actually, I find that working with bigger sized tools and yarn is easier compared to small ones whereby I have to squint my eyes to find where to hook the yarn through O_+ Besides that, my hands are rather big and it strains my hand a lot to hold it and often it slips away especially when at the starting point =_+'''

Currently I'm working on a scarf for my darling dog as one of my holiday activity since I'm not going anyway or going out to work during the holiday for I have to take care of my mom for the time being since she just had a major operation the other week n_n

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have finished my final exam on Monday and currently, I'm just hanging around with at uni to wait for everyone else to finish their exam and while waiting, I'll take my sweet time to do some crochet and also make some doll dress for my darling dolls n_n

Maybe even learn to make some amigurumi *o*

Just that, I don't really know how to follow the instructions from videos or manual books while everyone around me has not much ideas on how to make crochet =___= Besides, I bought the wrong size of crochet needle and wool yarn...when I got back home, my mom told me that the sizes that I have bought is simply too small which is not that suitable for a newbie like me to start....T_T
So basically, I've learnt the basics just that I'm still dumb in making them into the shapes like what they did in the instructions and I only manage to make a weird looking net bag for my doll, Sophie =3=''' But then again, it's kinda relaxing in the process of knitting the crochet for it feels calming for the if you speed up the process, you might just make mistakes and especially for a beginner like me, it took me more time for I do not understand the instructions and I think, I'm taking a lot more time than other people to understand the instructions...but I'm looking forward to make a simple scarf

P/s: Picture taken from PlanetJune

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy International Lolita Day!

Today is International Lolita but I'm not going anyway or dressing myself in Lolita fashion for Monday, I'll be facing my 'judgement day' so got to look through my notes and all *_* So just using my Madaleine to represent me in her Lolita fashion


Friday, November 26, 2010

McD Day

Today all of us had McD for lunch and that white furry thing in the french fries box is my McFurry (a made out menu) n_n

Mc French Fries or McFurry?

Out of the blue

Which one will you choose to eat?

My friend accidentally opened my Cheki's film catridge and all the remaining films are kinda damaged by the sun light ToT
Lucky, my Cheki came with 2 film catridge so I can still survive with another 10pcs of films ^_+'''

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Instant Camera (Cheki)

Just received mine yesterday but didn't get a chance to explore it for I was kinda busy with my own assignment stuff =_= So today while waiting for presentation which will start in an hour and a half, I start my exploring my Cheki n_n

I bought it in a set which includes 2 packs (20pcs) of films whereby it is more value for money compared to buying them seperately ^_^

Cheki comes with 2 CR2 batteries, a strap and a macro lens which is the one in the white next to Cheki n_n Cheki comes from Japan and therefore, the instruction manual provided is in Japanese but I manage to find an English version manual from FujiFilm website but maybe not as detailed as the one included but at least you can understand what it is about n_n I tried it out just now and the result was better than expected for you wont face back lighting even if you took the picture with bright lighting at your background *o*
Before buying Cheki, I did some research and I was quite confuse why this version does not include a Self-shot mirror since FujiFilm Instax Mini 25 is aready equip with a self-shot mirror but after trying out self-shot, I think Cheki's shiny surface serves as a mirror as well and could see myself clearly on the surface n_n

P/s: Sorry, I could not show my self-shot for I look kinda weird with my untidy hair style =_='''

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Merry-Goes-Round

Round and round, the merry-go-round turns...
Endless sound of happy symphony played...yet it seems quiet...
Riding alone on a flying horse with no one that I know...
Loneliness fills the air around me...
As tears filled my eyes...

Time won't stop for my loneliness...not in the Amusement Park!
As laughters emerge...
Giggles and Shouts
of Joy and Excitement...
Cheers and Smiles
appears on everyone's face...

Happy faces emerges before me...
Regarding themselves as "Friends"

As night collides and the merry-go-round brightens,
All these while I'm not alone with my flying horse in the merry-go-round,
For merry goes round and round around me...

Let's laugh it out,
Giggle it out,
Shout it out,
To make it merrier than ever

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Timeless Love...

If time could be stopped...would you stop for LOVE?
How much time do you need to get to know a stranger and fell in love with each other?
When did you last sat together doing nothing and look out the view?

While hanging around and being the "bulb" in the room, I saw this loving view that reminds me of how my love story started
I guess sometimes when we are rushing on the fast pace, there should be a time to stop on the slow pace and cherish the loving moments together

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Memories...

When I woke up this morning, I was really scared for I somehow lost my memory of my life after my dream... I can't remember partial memories of my life and I feel helpless to be cracking my head for the memories to come back...
In my dream...
I dreamt that I live in year 2004 and I had a cat call Momo...I was reading my diary dated in 2004 whereby there are some events happening in my life that I never have had before and some events should not happen in that time of the year... I keep having the feeling that it was not right but the reality just could not come back to me and I begin to feel helpless that I start to have some blurry vision of my memories rolling in my head that I just could not get it right...
In my reality...
I woke up from my dream and I had a short lost of memory that I begin to crack my head to find those blurry visions back...
"What year am I in now?"
"Is Momo still here?"
"How many cats do I still have?"
"Does these events really take part in year 2004?"
"What should I be doing now?"
"What have I missed?"
The feeling of losing my memories is really scary and it feels that there is something missing in my life that I should have or could have remembered and I must remembered...It's like a damage film rolling in my mind that it seems so clear yet there are missing parts that I should have or could have remembered...
I blanked out for around half an hour before I regained my memory...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Rants

Since August, our classes have began to get busy with things but my everyday is filled with laughter and surprises n_n Well, I don't usually rant on my blog but I really feel that something in me that is going to explode if I don't say it out...

Now it's the beginning of Week 8 which makes me a little worried with my studies though this semester, I'm taking 3 subjects but one of them makes me worried the most is one of my business for I don't actually understand much what I'm learning and every lecture, I would say, I almost fell asleep for the lecture class is simply dull and I failed my quiz which I'll have higher probability of failing the subject...I don't have much of a motivation to go on with this subject though I'm pushing myself to work it =_=

Well, at least on the bright side, I've got a bunch of friends or you could say "family" to support each other when either one of us is at low mood ^___^

My head is currently filled with those 2 cat dolls but yea, they don't come cheap either so probably buying them around end of this year so just hope that they could wait for me hahaha...

Havta get ready for my group member meetups and today's tutorial and pray that everything works smoothly...

Monday, August 2, 2010


While wondering about how Nancy's health have been doing...a news came to my handphone message informing that she had passed away early this morning...
I was totally blanked as I read the message and hoping that the message was not true...
A sudden memories of her rolled through my head and I broke into tears...

Some regrets came to me...
If only I went to visit her when she was at the General Hospital...
If only I would have been more caring to call her and care for her...

I realized that these regrets were not an important issue anymore but paying a last visit to her before she sets her journey to join God in Heaven...
I ask my dad if I could pay a last visit to see her before she leaves and my dad brought me to the temple...
In my head, there is only a mindset to pay her a last visit and I was quite rude for I totally forgotten to introduce myself to her family and a do not know how to comfort her family members and all I can say is "Sorry" to her dad and sister who approached me...
I remembered that I was like in a hurry to give them the donation and went straight to look at her, resting very peacefully in the coffin...
I do not know what I should do but rather I was bowing to pray and broke into tears knowing that I will missed her...
Soon after offering joss stick to Nancy, I went off for I feel sad and I do not want to remind her family of the sorrowful feelings of losing their family member...
Farewell, my friend and we will remember you and missed you...


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"Bliss" is just the word to describe my feelings these few days n_n

Our video shooting project was quite smooth spending 2 days time to finish the overall shooting and yesterday after worrying about my final exam result publication for 3 days, I got my result and...yea~ I pass all 4 subjects that I have taken *o*

When I open up my refrigerator, I found some Hershey's chocolate with the name "Bliss", what a coincidence which means that I'll be adding some extra "bliss" to my weight during the holidays =_='''

So far my progress in my To-Do-List is 40% done (kinda lagging off the schedule)...


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Final Exam Finally Final n_n

Finally after 2 weeks of suffering for studies and worrying for my final exam, now it has ended and I can enjoy for sometime for my own hobby activities and video shooting for my next semester's assignment n_n

What to do next???

  • Sew curtains and decorating my little doll house
  • Sew some dresses for my dolls
  • Get my room tidy up after neglecting it for 2 weeks *_*
  • Crafting some cute stuff (Hope that it works)
  • Learn some ribbon embroidery (if the time allows me to do so)

Hope that everything goes well and I can get these things done before the holiday ends n_='''
One thing for sure is that I'll update my blogs more frequent whenever there is something special happening around me hahaha...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


These few days, I've been studying for my final exams and I tend to get headaches and sometimes I think that I'm slowing down and needed more rest than usual...
My exams are just a few days away and sometimes I get distracted to go online to refresh my mind but I'm glad that my exams are next week else I think I'll be studying like crazy hahaha....

My friend got me some caramel candies and they really taste nice especially the traditional-looking green box which is green tea flavor n_n Sometimes he might be a little funny when he asked to give him some encouragement and a wish of "Good Luck" but well, it's a mental solution that gives some mentally encouragement and I felt good when I was frustrated that time...

Well, I'm glad that I have found some inspiration to study n_n


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exam is Coming Soon

My exam is coming soon and I have 2 subjects in my final exam which will be in a week time but I'm still kinda lagging away for this was the worst week for due date for assignment was everywhere and me and my assignment partners were constantly chasing after time... Finally, everything was done but I just feel that I need a rest...but I do not have the time to take a break...lol...

Recently, I'm addicted to Restaurant City (Facebook Games),

they have lots of new things to attract players to play the game but I'm not so addicted now that I have got the Sushi bar and Drink Bar with the help from my friends n_n
Say Good Bye to Restaurant City until I finish my exam in July~ ^_^

Other from Restaurant City, Poupee is another game which attracts me to play and especially June has come which is the June Bride event (many couples get married in this very month) where my Poupee Girl can get to shop for wedding dress n_n

Lovely right but still my exam is coming and I should concentrate more on my study instead of game but probably a short break to update my Poupee does not make much harm since now that I deserted my Facebook games like Country Story (about a month), Pet Society (3 months), Social City (recently) and Restaurant City (starting from now on since I already hit my target) n_^

Poupee Girl and Ameba Pico will be updated daily only n_n


Monday, June 14, 2010

Kyan!me 2010

Having hopes for the event for the organizer of Kyan!me had promised us that they will expand their expo area from South Court to North Court by Friday but when I got there on Friday, it's still the same and even the last day, it remains the same at the South Court...

Hence, I'll blog the fun part of the Japanese Culture that they have showed for the event n_n

They provide some yukatas (Japanese Summer Kimono) for the public to wear and take pictures with *o*

One of the Japanese Cultural dance performers that have dressed in this lovely Kimono n_n

Escorts in their Shinsengumi (special police force) suits and held their flag high to show VIPs are on the way ^_^

Our Mayor and Mr Fujii Tettsuo

The Shinsengumis, organizer of the event and MC

Cosplayers and I love that cute Pickacu *o*

The Singaporean Japanese Culture Society with their wonderful performance of Japanese cultural dance n_n

This part is where they kick the football into the net to show friendship n_n

My favorite part that day is still the randomness that we have at MomoToys

Shining upon the Yakuza n_n

Onineko introducing the Yakuza to others to gain new members to the gang hehehe....

Yakuza taking his name card out from the pocket to distribute to others ^_^

Cover up their sidekicks who are collecting the protection fee from Shinogane hahaha...

We got Yakuza, Mastermind, Mafia and Ah Long *o*

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black Day in tHe Spring

A random idea came out yesterday when Dino said that she was gonna wear black today for her presentation and hence, we have asked everyone to wear black for the random reason of "celebration of the ancient one turning to prehistoric fossil"...
We don't even know what kind of celebration is that...

Hence, we walked in tHe Spring and found Kyan Anime! having some events at the South Court and our black group went to have a closer look on the booths O_O

Well, today is their first day so it is not well prepared yet and they have not put up the banners yet =_o

Lots of book marks and handmades are on sale at Kaito's booth

Kyan Anime!'s registration booth which is open to anyone to register and get to know their schedule for the event n_n

There are 8 types of competition for registration from cosplay to bento making which is open for registration until 10th of June 2010 O_O

Japanese cultural items for display
I love the origami which are cute

Childhood toys

They are really cute but they are for display only =_+
Hope that 100 Yen could bring these stuff in for sell n_n

Free Yokoso Japan booklets

Looks like he wanna beat up someone O_O

phew...now he looks like his own self hahaha

Group photo taken by Michelle

Another group photo taken by Tomi

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Favourite Cartoonist is in Town

I was so happy for my favorite cartoonist, Kaoru has come to MPH Bookstore at tHe Spring for an autograph session n_n
I reach there just in time for I've overslept but there are many other fans who have reached there earlier and the early birds gets free paper bag, Maid Maiden sticker and notebook but I'm happy enough with autograph from Kaoru and their exclusive bookmarks *o*

See anything wrong on the notice's title?

Other from Kaoru, Keith came as well but I can only choose either one for the way that they make people to queue up is you can't have both cartoonist to autograph for you but you can only have a choice to either queue up at Kaoru or Keith and most people would either have their friends to queue up on another side or just select one and if there is a chance, they'll queue up again for another cartoonist's autograph... =3=

My only choice is to have Kaoru to autograph for me since I love her artwork more *o*

Both Kaoru and Keith can draw very well in a split second and I was amazed the way that they could do it *o*

This is my favorite cartoonist, Kaoru *o*

After the autograph session, they have conducted a comic classroom session to inspire their fans ^_n

They brought their artworks along to show the audience from...

Draft planning of the storyline to...

The finishing work n_n

Keith's lecture was amusing while ^_^

Kaoru shares her experience with all her fans n_n
Their personal tips and experience is very different from learning it from a book for there are things that can't be found in a book ^_^

My Gains: An A5 sketch from Kaoru, A sketched autograph on my Sugar Addict Artbook from Kaoru, 2 Maid Maiden bookmarks and inspiration from their experiences n_n

Love Fishes