Friday, November 26, 2010

McD Day

Today all of us had McD for lunch and that white furry thing in the french fries box is my McFurry (a made out menu) n_n

Mc French Fries or McFurry?

Out of the blue

Which one will you choose to eat?

My friend accidentally opened my Cheki's film catridge and all the remaining films are kinda damaged by the sun light ToT
Lucky, my Cheki came with 2 film catridge so I can still survive with another 10pcs of films ^_+'''

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Instant Camera (Cheki)

Just received mine yesterday but didn't get a chance to explore it for I was kinda busy with my own assignment stuff =_= So today while waiting for presentation which will start in an hour and a half, I start my exploring my Cheki n_n

I bought it in a set which includes 2 packs (20pcs) of films whereby it is more value for money compared to buying them seperately ^_^

Cheki comes with 2 CR2 batteries, a strap and a macro lens which is the one in the white next to Cheki n_n Cheki comes from Japan and therefore, the instruction manual provided is in Japanese but I manage to find an English version manual from FujiFilm website but maybe not as detailed as the one included but at least you can understand what it is about n_n I tried it out just now and the result was better than expected for you wont face back lighting even if you took the picture with bright lighting at your background *o*
Before buying Cheki, I did some research and I was quite confuse why this version does not include a Self-shot mirror since FujiFilm Instax Mini 25 is aready equip with a self-shot mirror but after trying out self-shot, I think Cheki's shiny surface serves as a mirror as well and could see myself clearly on the surface n_n

P/s: Sorry, I could not show my self-shot for I look kinda weird with my untidy hair style =_='''

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Merry-Goes-Round

Round and round, the merry-go-round turns...
Endless sound of happy symphony played...yet it seems quiet...
Riding alone on a flying horse with no one that I know...
Loneliness fills the air around me...
As tears filled my eyes...

Time won't stop for my loneliness...not in the Amusement Park!
As laughters emerge...
Giggles and Shouts
of Joy and Excitement...
Cheers and Smiles
appears on everyone's face...

Happy faces emerges before me...
Regarding themselves as "Friends"

As night collides and the merry-go-round brightens,
All these while I'm not alone with my flying horse in the merry-go-round,
For merry goes round and round around me...

Let's laugh it out,
Giggle it out,
Shout it out,
To make it merrier than ever

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Timeless Love...

If time could be stopped...would you stop for LOVE?
How much time do you need to get to know a stranger and fell in love with each other?
When did you last sat together doing nothing and look out the view?

While hanging around and being the "bulb" in the room, I saw this loving view that reminds me of how my love story started
I guess sometimes when we are rushing on the fast pace, there should be a time to stop on the slow pace and cherish the loving moments together

Love Fishes