Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hubby dear's bro bday

Yea~My hubby's bro's bday n i'm invited to dinner n_n Happy~

Hehehe...we've the bday dinner at hubby's house and oso hav fruity cake n some take away from Hong Kong Noodle House in the evening n.n Yummy...and most of them are my favorite food~

hehehe...nice shot~ Just right to take everyone looking up accceeept for the lil one who's looking at some thing else other from the camera n_nlll sweat...
Warm view n.n the difference...
did some edittin...
Still it's a warm view for the whole family to stand together to take a family picture n.o
Pitty that hubby dear's second bro is working that evening so couldn't been able to be in the picture...

Love that evening's pictures that i've taken i mean not in term of my skill of taking the pictures or picture editting but being able to take a warm n loving family picture is really beautiful...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Garfield's kitty nap nap >_<"

Garfield noon nap nap in different poses n style ^_^"

Cupid ambush!

Side ways...

Dreamy way...


relax...'s been months since i last post his cute face up when he's still a kitten but now he more or less a teenage kitty n_o tomolo he'll turn 5 months living with me n my family n.n
Getting fattier n oso naughtier everyday bitting us n oso my brown 7 year old dog, Brownny...but not Terry or he'll be in heaven by now o.olll

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Teddy Tales is back again

Over the few months, busy doing my assignment (4 assignments due about the same time o.olll) and soon after finishing my assignments, my exam awaits...sweat...-_-" Play during the day and study at midnite while my caring hubby dear is always there to accompany me at midnite when I'm up to study for my exams n_n (Hubby Dear Wa Aishiteru~)
Yea~ finally my exam is over and oso just finish working with my hubby dear for 3 days in the PC Fair (that's the very 1st time I ever work outside while normally I work online) n_o

Ha..ha..ha..another new event is up in my club again which will be this Friday o.olll Nid to make my apron for the upcoming activity that I've is the 1st ever anime gathering for which invites anime and manga fans to join : D Yea~ can get to know more people who likes anime and manga in Kuching n_n Tomolo wil start making my apron for I'm the maid while my hubby dear is the butler and both of us will be the MC during that nite ; p

So long din update my lil bloggie so gonna update it 1st n_x

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All my stuff has arrive HAPPY SEPTEMBER

Yea~ my Hentai Neko figure (Mahou Syoujo Neko X) came last week but I'm busy doing my assignment thus, did not post up any updates ^_^lll Besides that, my yukata that I ordered from Akikomoon has arrived too n_n Future more, in September is the first time that I've Set up my online sales through Comic Fiesta but... nobody bought stuff from me yet ^_nlll but wanna sell my old stuff along with my frens stuff so that at least got some stuff in my online sales...

This Saturday is our Anime and Manga Society is holding our first anniversary dinner at Rakutei, Japanese Restaurant ^_^

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My designs...

Current status: blogging in my design for multimedia class ^_^

Making some last minute changes before my lecturer comes to have a look at my designs...
Yokata ne~ He finally said that my designs look ok and not dead...sweat...

Basically, I didn't get my lecturer's idea when he comment on my Teddy Bear's looks and especially the eyes... When I ask most of my friends for their comment, most of them said it looks cute, nice...but no one said dead to my Teddy Bear...

*Thunder strikes* when he told me that my design look dead... *falls into a deep blackhole*
Hubby dear helped me out by taking every aspect into consideration to get the answer to my lecturer's comment and finally yesterday afternoon, we went to my lecturer to find 'the answer'...

The key word in his comment is 'contrast'...sweat...but it works for my design and he help me out with some changes here and there making my Teddy Bear look bette on the iPod n_^

Current status: editting my design

*@#$ the mask won't work on my design and I'll have to do the whole background by using the pen tool from the Illustrator "manually"...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yea~ My first Yukata

Finally, ordered a yukata for myself through my fren ^_^ Hehehe...found another yukata with the design that I want n_^ So happy!~
Closeup of the yukata design Kawaii~

My yukata that I've ordered n_^

My yukata is on the way to Kuching through SAL (Surface Air Lifted), hope it'll come before our club anniversary so that can wear during our anniversary dinner ^_^ but don't think can do so coz it takes more than 3 weeks or 4 weeks but i hope it'll reach as soon as possible coz Malaysia and Japan is not sooooo far away...

p/s: This month I've spent the most money on my stuff...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My first PVC figure...Hentai Neko

Hehehe...last Friday while browsing xl-shop's sales section, spotted a PVC cute kitty-human on 50% sales but.....she's playing SM n_nlll When I told my frens and my hubby dear "-_- everyone says she's cute but also hentaiiiiiiii....after awhile, looking at a PVC figure of Hazuki from Moon Phase...kinda cute and ask Ian-chan to help us order(along with 2 of my frens who's interested in buying stuff from there)

Later on Monday, considered awhile before paying my orders (so that I won't regret later) My hubby dear supported me to buy what I really like and later when Ian came...we ask him to change my order and luckily he agreed (Gome ne~ Ian-chan) Hehehe...thus, I've ordered Hentai Neko!~ Yea~

These are some pictures taken from different angle

Taken from Hobby Link Japan

Monday, August 27, 2007

Garfield's relaxing Sunday

It's Sunday and also one of Garfield's favourite day for everyone will be at home almost the whole day accompanying him to sleep on the bed (normal days wil only be sleeping on our living room sofa and only evening everyone wil be back)
In the morning the stinky skunk Garfield..."-_-

After a warm bath

Licking his coat

While me and my mom was watching drama series in the bedroom, he was deep asleep on the bed ignoring every noise from the television... Almost every few minutes he'll stretch and turn his body to a different position to sleep with comfort

Earlier on when we started to watch drama

Sugoi~ So sweet



Covering his face~

Continue sleeping!!!!

"-_- Sweat...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Breakfast Love

Love during our breakfast!~ -^_^- sugoi~ hehehe...

Lovely love bento

Love bento in different arrangement

Mmm...but compared to those in from the Japanese people who made those lovely bento that i saw in the Japanese bento website images..."-_- my Love bento is almost nothing... *sigh*

panda face bento
teddy bento kawaii~ envious of these bento...

My Aim: To make a Panda Bento for my hubby dear ~_~

At least...know how to make an onigiri 1st as a starter...

"-_- hope hubby dear will like it...

p/s: Domo arigatou Takeshi-chan for reminding me to make my hubby dear bento coz it'll make my hubby dear happy n_n hehehe...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Design for Multimedia class...

Current Status: blur blur...

My facial expression looks as though i've not slept in days... Feel so blury and sleepy... so cold and chilly today and luckily my hubby dear lent me his jacket before i enter my class ^_^ sugoi~

Blogging half way, help my fren by giving some opinion on his sketches that he've sketch for his iPod design n_n happy sketching some Porin-tan ^o^ Kawaiii~

30 minutes later...
summon up by my lecturer *_*lll my lecturer is looking at my sketches and Yesss!~ he tick one of them Yea~ Later he choose 4 from 12 of my sketches that i've drawn ^_^

Current status: Relief~
End of class and my hubby dear is out side waiting for me liaw n_n don wait for my lecturer to dismiss me just go towards my hubby dear who's waiting outside with a calming expression on his face...

Current status: Ending the blog...

Rainy Day...

Today is a cold and dull morning...diagnose with flu made me feel weak and sleepy...wishing that I'm at home cuddling with my hubby dear watching anime together...*waaaa~* Sugoi~
"-_- sweat...dreaming again...well, today I've to come for today I've to finalize my sketch for my iPod skin design *sigh*
@_@lll gues it's a bad sign that my sketches for my designs maybe rejected...nevermind that at least now I've 30 minutes to my design's judgement minute...relax and enjoy first n_^

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

our lunchie ^w^

Mmm...just had my lunchie with my hubby dear ^w^ Hehehe...playing with our food when my order came n_n

my design on my rice hubby dear help make a shape
waa~so cute n_^ Kawaii~ Domo arigato hubby dear~

A closeup on the rice ^o^

My morning Breakfast

Yea~ My Tamama-chan model kit is 80% finished and all is left is the canon weapon system and stickers n_n Hehehe...finish most of the parts in 15 minutes while waiting for my hubby dear in the lobby ^_*
Playing around with my Tamama-chan while having our breakfast in the school cafeteria and snapped some pictures

Aiming at Takeshi-chan

Destroy the icy milo!

Playing around with my food while eating my breakfast with my hubby dear ^_^

p/s: do not play with your food only teddy bears can do so *wahahaha*

Love Love Bento~

Looks good with the gravy n_^ *yummy*



...."-_- sweat...being eaten by two loving teddy bears

Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue Monday

Mmm...soo sad today coz I found a yukata with the design that i like in Akikomon Superstore's main site in the morning but in the noon someone bought it... TT.TT
Why that one?!!! *sigh* The specialty in the design is that it's a sakura base background with a white rabbit in the sakura Kawaii~ like it very much just that i got to know this yukata later.... got my Tamama-chan from Takeshi-chan who was ask by me to help me buy Tamama-chan model kit ^o^ There is a sale in that toy shop selling the Tamama model kit at 30% discount which is similar to the original price without shipping or tax. Domo-arigatou Takeshi-chan n_^

Tamama-chan n_n

Grandma's birthday dinner

Yesterday was my grandma's birthday dinner for her 82nd birthday and it's the first time my hubby dear is joining us for dinner ^_^ My grandma insisted to invite him for dinner for she likes to have more people celebrating her birthday n_^
From left to right: Uncle, auntie, my cousin, the birthday gal, me n hubby dear and my mom

*Daddy taking the picture

From left to right: Uncle, auntie, my cousin, the birthday gal, me, my mom and my daddy

*Hubby dear taking the picture

The birthday gal

Yesterday there are three person celebrating their birthday; a baby in his/her one year old, my grandma and another grandma's birthday n_^ Hehehe...the birthday gal so happy this year coz another new member added to the family to celebrate her birthday n_n

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Saturday Cute Cute Shopping

Yea~ bought some cute cute stuff while wondering around while my family was shopping for groceries in the evening after coming back from hubby deary's shop n_n

My new cute cute stuff

A clock with thermometer as decoration and oso a clock for my livingroom

Bear bear plaster (coz it's a bear and it's cute)
p/s: not for use

Three lil cute bottles (each with different meaning)

A medium one with a origami bird in it

A bigger one

Friday, August 17, 2007

Finally got a TI calculator

One of my degree subject needed the TI-83 calculator to calculate almost 80% of the exercise in the book...*sigh* (at least it's easy to get the answers) Found a former student who's willing to sell hers which is a TI-83 PLUS (a newer generation) for RM 450 *expensive* but at least i get to use it to do my exercise and in future my hubby dear can also use it for his engineering course too ^_o Later in the noon my daddy got the money for my calculator from the bank n_n cash n carry *_^ The calculator looks absolutely new along with all the other accessories (the cables and manual book along with a CD to install the functions)

Comes along with a bag of accessories

The calculator and the others accessories


My calculators ID

Consumes 4 AAA batteries and a button battery for backup purpose

Love Fishes