Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Miniature Crocheting

After practicing with my wrong sized tools and yarn, I finally bought the correct size or rather bigger sized ones and it's much easier for a newbie in crochet n_n Actually, I find that working with bigger sized tools and yarn is easier compared to small ones whereby I have to squint my eyes to find where to hook the yarn through O_+ Besides that, my hands are rather big and it strains my hand a lot to hold it and often it slips away especially when at the starting point =_+'''

Currently I'm working on a scarf for my darling dog as one of my holiday activity since I'm not going anyway or going out to work during the holiday for I have to take care of my mom for the time being since she just had a major operation the other week n_n

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have finished my final exam on Monday and currently, I'm just hanging around with at uni to wait for everyone else to finish their exam and while waiting, I'll take my sweet time to do some crochet and also make some doll dress for my darling dolls n_n

Maybe even learn to make some amigurumi *o*

Just that, I don't really know how to follow the instructions from videos or manual books while everyone around me has not much ideas on how to make crochet =___= Besides, I bought the wrong size of crochet needle and wool yarn...when I got back home, my mom told me that the sizes that I have bought is simply too small which is not that suitable for a newbie like me to start....T_T
So basically, I've learnt the basics just that I'm still dumb in making them into the shapes like what they did in the instructions and I only manage to make a weird looking net bag for my doll, Sophie =3=''' But then again, it's kinda relaxing in the process of knitting the crochet for it feels calming for the if you speed up the process, you might just make mistakes and especially for a beginner like me, it took me more time for I do not understand the instructions and I think, I'm taking a lot more time than other people to understand the instructions...but I'm looking forward to make a simple scarf

P/s: Picture taken from PlanetJune

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy International Lolita Day!

Today is International Lolita but I'm not going anyway or dressing myself in Lolita fashion for Monday, I'll be facing my 'judgement day' so got to look through my notes and all *_* So just using my Madaleine to represent me in her Lolita fashion


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