Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Present~

Every year when it comes to times like Valentine's Day or my hubby's bothers me to think what should I gift him ....
Well, this year Serene got me the idea to gift something hand-made chocolate instead of buying the gift n_n

I started off with...chopping the hazelnuts into halves ♥

The main ingredient, BAKING CHOCOLATE~♥~

Melting the chocolate and it tasted like fountain chocolate when it's melted ^_^

Preparing the heart shaped mold for my chocolate ♥
Batch 1
Looks kinda uneven...

Batch 2
A little improvement...

Batch 3

After covering the top with chocolate, Batch 1 & 2 looks much better n_n

♥ All 3 batch of chocolate ready to be put into the fridge ♥

As well as the leftovers ^_^

The next morning...

After leaving it overnight in the fridge, they look nice and yummy *o*

All six pieces of chocolate with six sizes ready to be packed up~

Just right for my lunch box~

♥ Love Chocolate ♥

Sunday, February 14, 2010

House Renovation

It's being quite sometime since I last updated my blog in early January n_n
Wondering what I've being up to these whole time O_O?
Well, my house was on renovation and I was asked to take care of the renovation in case the contractor or his members needed any help...well, at first it was a total boredom whereby you are doing nothing but "looking" at them doing the renovation work and basically they do not need a credulous person like me to help them =_=""

The yellow truck that reaches my car poach every morning n_n

It's quite incredible how they could turn this piece of land to this...


TADAAA!!! A almost finished room ^_^

One of my mischievous works hehehe....

Up to this part, I've got along with the members of Buildcom whereby they taught and let me tried on some of their works and hey! I can do it as well but it is a tiring job which needed lots of strength and experiences so that you wouldn't hurt yourself (I adopted shoulder aches after using too much of my shoulder strength @@)

Some of them might look easy but if you are inexperience...maybe you have holes on your wall after you finish it ^_^''' --LEAVE IT TO THE EXPERTS--

Team work is important as well for if you are not working together well...
you might just find yourself working for ages but the work is still unfinish *_*'''

The Boss gets into action as well to speed up the work n_n

Guess what is he doing creating more "mess" on the floor O_O

Well, he's refilling the gaps between the tiles to ensure that no other dirty particles will get in n_n
I kinda got unhappy when he didn't let me try but later when I got permission to try it from the others...I find that pure cement can dehydrate your skin causing irritations on the skin +_+

From this period of time, I actually learn a lot from them and they treated me as part of their members and I'm really glad to have them as my friends n_n

I wish this year of the Tiger will bring them more luck and prosperity ^_^

Image taken from IGN Blogs

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