Friday, March 26, 2010

New Price for Streamyx Cool Uni Pack

Just right after my Streamyx was installed yesterday, this morning my dad read the newspaper and found out that the CEO of TMnet Streamyx has announced that the prices for Streamyx Cool Uni Pack has being reduced by RM12 which is stated as below:

Package (Speed)
Existing Package Price New Package Price
Cool UNI Pack 384 kbps RM50/month RM38/month
Cool UNI Pack 512kbps RM65/month RM53/month
Cool UNI Pack 1 Mbps RM80/month RM68/month
Cool UNI Pack 2 Mbps RM95/month RM83/month
Cool UNI Pack 4 Mbps RM100/month RM88/month

So starting from 1st April 2010 onwards, all subscribers (including me) will enjoy the

New Package Price n_n

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Streamyx Uni Package

Today the people from TMnet has come to install Streamyx just right after I register for the Streamyx Uni Pack on Tuesday

Streamyx Uni Pack is opened to university students who are studying either in their year 1 or year and it must be certified by the university O_O

Apart from paying RM50 per month, a HP Mini 210-1073TU Netbook is given FREE to students who register themselves for this promotional package which is almost like a free internet usage for 2 years n_n
Can't wait for another 19working days to see what is the color of the Netbook that they will give me for this model of Netbook, comes with 4 colors which are black, red, white and blue

Apart from that, a whole new semester and a whole lot of freedom for the way I want to conduct the studies or research for my assignments which means time managment is important n_n

One of my assignment which we have built our own "company" known as JAK Design which carries all 3 of our initials and it's fun planning and doing the assignment with my group members to look for a client and brainstorm for ideas to help the client to promote their products ^_^

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Brand New Semester

Once again a brand new semester begins but for this semester, all the subjects are much interesting in a way that they are more to project based and the topic is free as well whereby we can choose the topic that we want n_n
Miku: "TeddyTales GAMBATTEE!!!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) with Merissa Seraphy

3 March has arrive to celebrate every year's Hina Matsuri but this year, I get to celebrate Hina Matsuri as well in my room along with Merissa n_n
Re-Ment have brought this festival to a miniature form whereby everyone can have their very own set of Hina-Ninyo (Hina-dolls) at affordable price

It comes in a box of 8 and a piece of red "carpet"

which is used to place on the platform like this...

Every little surprises are kept in seprate boxes

Each set comes with their own box so that later they can be kept orderly and organized for each set's box has their own prints and name on it n_n

Set 1: The Emperor and The Emperess (Tier 1)

Even though the dolls are made miniature but I love the details that they had especially the hair and fabric part

Set 2: Three Court Ladies (Tier 2)

Set 3: 5 Male Musicians (Tier 3)
From Left to Right: Drummer (Taiko), Larger Drum Drummer (Ōtsuzumi), Hand Drum Drummer (Kotsuzumi), Flute (Yokobue), Singer (Utaikata)

Set 4: 2 Silk Lanterns and 2 Plates of Sweets

Set 5: Mandarin Orange Tree (Ukon no tachibana) and Cherry Tree (Sakon no sakura) and 2 tables covered with bowls (kakebanzen)

Set 6: Items used within the Palatial Residence
From Left to Right: 5 drawer chest (tansu), Mirror Stand (kyōdai ), a set of ocha dogu (daisu)

Set 7: Items used within the Palatial Residence (II)
From Left to Right: 2 piece of palanquins, (Gokago), 2 trays of desserts (Hishimochi), (Kago)

A closer snap to see the details of the patterns carved on the handle

Set 8: Items used within the Palatial Residence (III)
From Left to Right: A nested lacquered food box (Jubako), An ox-drawn carriage (Gissha)

After 15 minutes...


Merissa posing with the Hina-Ninyo for pictures

The Emperess got kidnapped by Merissa @_@

Which one looks better n_n

Here's a link to the song which is usually sang during Hina Matsuri

P/s: - Please leave a comment if the terms are wrongly given

Some terminologies are taken from

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Camera is DEAD....Lomography or NOT?

Yesterday after taking pictures of my Hina Matsuri when I wanted to turn on the power of the camera again, my the power button was not functioning and my dad told me that probably it's time to change it @_@'''
Well, my dad is gonna buy the similar model but I got my interest set on lomography instead...

Image taken from

What I like about lomography is...

- it is a random snapshot whereby the pictures are captured into the film and you won't or don't have the chance to think how will the picture look like

- furthermore, the pictures that you take are pictures that you seldom take whereby there can be blurred ones and over-saturated colors which is an art that we missed when viewing the pictures from the digital camera's LCD

- besides that it's light weighted since most of the parts are made from plastic and even the lens which weights altogether 150-200gm inclusive of the film

- another reason that I love these lomo cams is that they are now made into stylish designs whereby they are suitable to be brought around casually as part of your accessories

- apart from that, films certifies that the pictures that you take are GENUINE and NOT EDITED!!


the thing that I don't like about lomography is that the pictures needed to be develop to view the pictures and for myself...

it can be a trouble I would say for photo shops are taking in lesser film-picture developing business for most people are developing digital-camera-pictures which can take a long while for the last time when my dad took his last piece of film to took him like 2 weeks to get the pictures and the reason is that too little films to develop can be very costly and hence, they would need to collect until a certain amount of films before they can develop them @@


has lead me to more considerations whether or not to buy a lomo...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival)

While updating my Poupee Girl's Dress Up today, I found a cute little pair of Hina-ninyo (Hina-dolls) placed on the white side table

Hence, I zoom in to have a clearer look of the Imperial dolls which are the Emperor doll and the Emperess doll in Heian-period costume n_n

I can't wait to celebrate my 1st Hina Matsuri tonight with my newly bought miniature Hina-ninyo along with Merissa Seraphy ♥♥♥

Love Fishes