Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today I'm registered into my degree! Finally after my foundation (got a lil tired of being in my foundation coz nid to study some subjects that i don really like in order to proceed to my degree program)
The first step to degree

get into the registration queue sauna @_@lll

someone familiar in the queue

Wow...sweat...after my breakfast with my hubby dear in the school cafeteria coz some of those whom i know are already in the line queuing up to get numbers in order to register for their degree program n_nlll luckily my frens' fren help us out by taking our forms that we've filled in half way to get the numbers for registration (yea~ don nid to wait in such a long queue just for the number) everyone squeeze in to get to the front queue just to register as soon as possible so that they can get into the course groups that they want. Some unlucky ones may have their feet being step by others.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Our club finally got a new blackout n_n

Yea~ Today our club finally have a blackout in our club room n_n coz every Fridays we'll have our club meeting n some showing of anime to all the members to watch it together but all this time we were using black cardboard to stick it on the 20feet by 6feet window (really troublesome n oso dangerous if someone fell of while sticking the black cardboards @_@lll) besides that the effect is not that good coz every once in awhile while we are enjoying our anime 1 or 2 of the black cardboard sheets will fall off xp....

TaDaaa... our new blackout n_n

better effect for projecting our anime through the projector n_n

Many Tanx to hubby's daddy who's sponsoring n oso installing for us

Installing our blackout

Ittai...juz now while trying to help out i knock my head on the ceiling while climbing up the table to hang the curtain...lucky its not fully cement or i'll get a bum on my head

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My new cute figure

These are my new chibi Meer Chambell n Luna Maria figure ^o^ happy finally got my fave character in chibi form (Meer Chambell is my fave character in Seed Destiny but not Luna) I've been looking for trading figure n gashapon figure of Meer Chambell n_n but...normally i'll have to order the whole set : ( n they normally would include some characters that i don wan unless the dealer or the seller is willing to sell the only the ones that u like n besides it's oso costly to buy the whole set (including those that u don wan)

Well bought this at a deal from the dealer who offers to sell at the original price on the condition if i buy 3 of the figure from the whole set n_n (good enough) so accepted!! I bought 2 meer chambell n 1 luna maria (which is the cutest in the set with chibi mini aslan at her back) hahaha...

Hentai! (Aslan looking at Luna's ***)

Two Meer Chambell?!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My hubby's niece

Today i went to hubby dear's shop to make my cosplay costume n coincidently her mom brought his niece to the shop ( his mom is taking care of his niece)
these are some cute pictures of her that i took at the shop n_n

Yummy~ enjoying her breakfast


A nice picture taken while both gradma n granddaughter was unaware

So sweet my hubby dear n his lil niece

Look so sweet when she's a sleep in her baby basket

A cute gif of her but seems like it's

not working in the blog n_nll

Monday, July 23, 2007

My favourite anime series during my primary year

Finally found my favourite anime that i always wanted to have since i first watch when i was in my primary school n now i've found it n_n
My daddy bought the first 6 episodes for me but couldn't find the others...(so sad) but today while buying buying our fave waffle with my hubby dear...i spotted an anime (opposite the waffle shop is a DVD store) which looks familiar to me n to my surprise it was the anime that i was looking for during my primary school years n_n so happy~ my hubby bought it for me (extra happy) *Domo arigato hubby chan~

Kawaii~ n_n

If you are wonder what is that green cute animal that looks similar to a crocodille...well that's actually a green dino named as Muka Muka! The title of this anime is known as Muka Muka Paradise (24 episodes) n_n

The summary of the story

Shikatani, an animal shop owner bought a reptile egg for his daughter (Uiba Shikatani) who's heartbroken when she failed to hatch an egg. To cheer his daughter up, he attempts to hatch the egg which they totally have no idea what will be hatched out. Well, his dream of hatching the egg succeeded n unexpectedly a green baby dino pop out of the egg n taken Uiba as its mummy n_n Kawaii~

Well that is not the whole story because with the presents of the baby green dino, it brings joy n fun to the Shikatani family n along with their neighbours n friends

Comment of the anime

Though it is an old anime (1993) but generally the whole anime story is really funny from the beginning till the end. Besides that, i bought the cantonese version coz they don hav the Japanese version but ok to me coz i understand cantonese n_n

Friday, July 20, 2007

Our New July Intake 2007 Orientation Day

Our club president's is wanted by all the July Intakes for the treasure hunt event n thus...our club members think out a plan to play with the new intakes (hehehe....) in order to obtain both the presidents picture n his signature, they'll hav to dance the Suzumiya Haruhi Ending Dance requested by us but only a few groups suceed n some chicken out for they are too shy to dance the dance that we ask them to fulfill (so sad...) well, some of them really danced well n some just shake around (but not bad at least they try)

busy preparing before the orientation starts

everyone busy arrangin the table

treasure hunters hunting for signature

their task to get the signature

so happy get to take pic wif his fave character n_n
our collections on display

so hungry...wan to eat haruhi's head liaw

my frens' suzumiya haruhi gashapon collection

Yea got my suzumiya haruhi gashapon figure

the lil guitar is cute n detail kawaii~

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today is the first day of the rehearsal that we attend gome ne~ (coz don noe what hav happen but my fren could not reach us n thus today is the first time we attend our rehearsal).... well all started when my fren call my hubby dear while i was making my costume (the ears)

Making my cat's ears

My hubby dear n me n_n(waitin for the rehersal)

Along wif...

some of fren who oso participate in our City Parade

(Bloggers too n_n)

My Kitty is Finally Recovered

Yea~ My Momo chan is finally recovered after days taking care of her n_n
I've snapped some of her pictures from day to day

My hubby dear n Momo chan
(15 July 07)

Looks more like a fur ball with 2 pointy ears @_@lll

Yea~ My Momo chan can stand n walk by herself n_n

Kawaii~ Taken on the bed yesterday

Asleep after awhile

Now much relief coz Momo chan will recover soon n_n Tanx to my hubby dear too for taking good care of Momo chan the whole time

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Gashapon Figures

Yea~ Got my gashapon figures last week with my hubby dear from the dealer n just found out that 3 of the gashapon figures are from normal color series whereas the gal holding the bunny is under the variant color series xp blek...gave the wrong information @_@lll Sorry~

During the weekends i've snap some snap shots of my Gashapon figure doll (did some doll head switchin) turns out to be quite suitable just for snapin pictures of different poses or dressing n_nlll

Gome ne~ there are stil some pictures that will b posted after is editted coz the pictures looks a lil dark (pictures taken at home at night)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Today i went to my hubby dear's family shop again to make my costume (coz his family shop got sewing machince for sewing) Yea~ my costume is almost finish liaw n_n In the afternoon our fren, Adrian suddenly call up n told us that we'll hav an Extraordinary Executive General Meeting 0.0lll Sweat...forgotten bout it liaw...O ya forgotten to mention that i brought my kitty to his shop (stil sick but getting better) so eventually i've to bring along my kitty to school n_nlll (coz going home to my home after the meeting with my hubby dear)

Three hours after the call...

Both me n my hubby dear reach school along with my kitty n_n

We went to 3.03 to wait before our meeting starts n some of the members oso came down awhile after that n....

Snapin pics of my sick kitty
Caresses her fury head

Big Kitty playing with lil kitty n_n

My hubby dear playing with a fake samurai xD Hahaha...

mmm...later after that we started our meeting (nothing fun to talk about) while my kitty stays asleep n_n

bored.......don understand wat these humans r talkin about...

mmm....sleepin is stil my hobby~

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Sick Kitty in The Open Lab

The first ever i brought my kitty to our school open lab n none of the security guard o the school staff notice her presents in school *_* hehehe...only my frens noe that i brought Momo-chan to school n to the open lab o_n

mmm...now currently sleepin like a baby ^o^ Kawaii~

Awaken for a while to look at people n.n~

My Momo-chan is sick since Sunday n got worst after yesterday coz me n my parents are out to school n for work n all is left is my grandma whose worried bout my kitty but don noe how to take care of it @_@lll So today, i brought her to school since my exam is over so rather free to take care of her (tough when i told my grandma dat i brought Momo-chan out, i got scolded sweat...) Hehehe...but lucky i'm driving so can escape from tonnes of nags from grandma for bringin my kitty to school n_^ Cover my kitty with my jacket n the security guards did not notice at all (coz they oso look blur blur) Blek...later bring Momo-chan out to get our Gundam n oso Gashapon Yea~

Monday, July 9, 2007

Yeah~ Today me and my hubby teddy will finally finish our final exams n_n Yea starting today we'll be making our cosplay costume together (not really making a new one but editting my old dress into a cosplay costume) this is for our City Day Parade

I'll have my second Gundam model kit, Hi-nu tommorrow with my hubby teddy which we reserved at the dealers shop since May/June n.oIt's been 2 months since we bought our first Gundam a Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom in May(got it together after a month) which is now half way to finishing the model (planning to customize our Gundam)

(Normal Color Set)

(Variant Color Set)
These set is known as Yuiko Tokumi World Hakkaya (but don think there's an anime o manga for it) well, it comes in two kinds of color which is variant and normal color but both of these set comes in a box of 12 figures from random sets so I reserved 3 of them;2 from variant and 1 from normal o.O If the dealer stil hav the others wanna get the full figure from different set of color


Love Fishes