Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"Bliss" is just the word to describe my feelings these few days n_n

Our video shooting project was quite smooth spending 2 days time to finish the overall shooting and yesterday after worrying about my final exam result publication for 3 days, I got my result and...yea~ I pass all 4 subjects that I have taken *o*

When I open up my refrigerator, I found some Hershey's chocolate with the name "Bliss", what a coincidence which means that I'll be adding some extra "bliss" to my weight during the holidays =_='''

So far my progress in my To-Do-List is 40% done (kinda lagging off the schedule)...


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Final Exam Finally Final n_n

Finally after 2 weeks of suffering for studies and worrying for my final exam, now it has ended and I can enjoy for sometime for my own hobby activities and video shooting for my next semester's assignment n_n

What to do next???

  • Sew curtains and decorating my little doll house
  • Sew some dresses for my dolls
  • Get my room tidy up after neglecting it for 2 weeks *_*
  • Crafting some cute stuff (Hope that it works)
  • Learn some ribbon embroidery (if the time allows me to do so)

Hope that everything goes well and I can get these things done before the holiday ends n_='''
One thing for sure is that I'll update my blogs more frequent whenever there is something special happening around me hahaha...

Love Fishes