Monday, April 26, 2010

Wonderland for Dolls

I have created a blog for my dolls update so anyone who is interested in dolls please join me at Wonderland for Dolls


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recruitment Day (7th April - 8th April)

Sorry for uploading this post so late =_=''' I got sick after the recruitment day and the Netbook Ceremony make it worst @_@'''

DAY 1 (7th April)

Last week, the Swinburne Student Council have organized a Club Recruitment Day to introduce the clubs to the students n_n This is our SAMS' booth which we had brought some of our Anime related items to display and to attract the new students ^_^

Both me (Grell Sutcliff) and Serene (Lacus Clyne) are the only ones crossplaying and cosplaying during that day *w*

We give out bookmarks for the first 50 students who register on both days

A display of Suzumiya Haruhi's PVC Figure

Mio Nendoroid

Battle of Gundams n_n

Macross "I Lve Sheryl" decorated PS3

Some Original Anime and Soundtracks on display *o*

-- Drame Club --

The King of Hearts

Seiyuu Magazines and Chihara Minori's Fanbook

DAY 2 (8th April)

On the 2nd day there were lesser display items on display =_='''

Some previews n_n

Registration made on this laptop ^_^ more systematic

A list of Animes that we have in our club library *o*

Nendoroid Asakura Yume

Babydino taking some pictures for blogging n_n

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My HP Mini 210-1073TU Netbook

After the installation of my Streamyx Cool Uni Pack for 12 working days, I finally got my Netbook the other day at tHe Spring n_n Well, mine was kinda "special" for everyone else's Netbook was sent to their doorstep while mine needs me to collect it by myself and some more being surprised to receive it on stage n_n'''
These are some of the specifications of the Netbook model and its system features n_n
Here's a link of the full specification on HP Mini 210-1073TU Netbook
I still maintain the protective sticker so that it will still look new for the next few months ^_^
I find that most of my friends including those who receive their Netbook at the same time with me got the black one whereas the one shown in the website got 4 different colors O_O??
Probably it's to save trouble in case everyone wants to choose the color that they want for they Netbook *o*
The little "Thank You" note was actually sticked on the edge of the screen when I receive it n_n
A customized card for all the receivers n_n
Bought this bag straight away when I got the Netbook and the bag has its brand on it which looks matching to me n_n

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Netbook Giving Ceremony

On Thursday, my dad was called up by TMnet staff and informed him to claim the free Netbook from tHe Spring on Saturday and the first time my dad told me about it...I really thought that he was either mistaken for something else or he had called the wrong number for all my friends whom had received their free Netbooks are delivered to their doorstep...
I reconfirmed it with my dad and he was positive about the call was from TMnet(he will never play a prank on me)
So early today, my dad once again received a sms from the same TMnet staff and the message directed us to go to their service counter at tHe Spring to register to get the Netbook (guess it is real after all)
When I got there around 10:30 a.m. I thought that I'll be getting Netbook and go off but they asked me to wait til 12 p.m. after some event that they are doing...
While waiting at my friend's work place(Momotoys)...
Both me and my friend heard an alarm coming from MBO and we thought it was a fire alarm at first but it turns out to be...the automatic roller shutter got stuck and after 1 and a half hours they still have not solve the problem...but at least there is still a hole for customers who insist to watch movies that time n_n''' was 12p.m. so I got down to TMnet's booth and found out that my Netbook will be received on-stage...
I used my mobile phone's camera to take some pictures =_='''
Looks as though I've won a Lucky Draw...
I was the fourth one to receive my Netbook n_n

Modelling our Netbooks for awhile....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day~

~Easter Bunny's Garden~

A nice entrance way to the Easter Garden n_n

I feel so small in the garden with huge roses and mushrooms *o*

The roses have faces!

Though they have faces but they don't look scary at all n_n

A nice place to have

On the other side of the garden there are some Easter Games for everyone n_n

The Easter Bunny carrying a huge egg

This is a nice place for relaxation

Yummy~ Chocolate fountain stall

Lovely and colorful balloon at sight


Some Easter Bunny Eggs that my mom bought for me on Easter Sunday n_n

~I love the prints on top of the eggy~

It comes in 2 variety of prints for these Easter Eggs

There are some lovely and cute chocolates inside the Easter Eggs

Love Fishes