Thursday, August 27, 2009

--Blood Donating--

Image taken from Flickr

Today I was actually gonna donate my blood for the very first time for the blood donating activity is held at our university's auditorium and usually, I have numerous of problem when it comes to blood donating such as:

-- It happens to be the time of the month...

-- Transportation problem

-- No support from my parents =_='''

-- And dry skin...they said that my blood will have higher antibody which is not good...

-- Sick...

-- Taken medication

Once again...I have failed to donate my blood due to dry skin which I have informed the officer in-charge... At least I got to know something new ^_^

One of the interesting thing is people with mental illness are not allowed to donate their blood for according to the officer, mental illness people tend to have lesser oxygen in their blood and furthermore, it is harder to control them if they suddenly berserk during the process of donating their blood O_O

Though it may be disappointing for not being able to donate blood but thinking from another angle, at least I won't kill person who needs blood n_n The main reason that we want to donate our blood is to help and save people but not harm them...

Teasing My Chibi Sebastian ^_^

"Who's in-charge here?!"

Hahaha...I took some snapshots of Sebastian with his exchangeable "annoyed" face ^_^
Sebby is cute in his annoying faces and I added some objects to make him annoyed in funny manners x_x

"Get these ribbons off me!!!"

"For heaven's sake, I am Black Butler NOT a Black Peacock!!!"

"I'm not a babysitter..."

"I really hate being a babysitter... "
"...and the kid had just craw up to my head..."

"Could anyone please get her down from my head?"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~My Pet Hoppy~

Let me introduce my pet, Hoppy ^^ Hehe...actually Hoppy comes and go and normally I see it hanging around my orangelime plant which is situated outside my gate ^_^
Especially after the rain, Hoppy is always around my orangeline plant n_n

This is a close-up picture of Hoppy~
-- Yellowish green in color --

Hoppy is as tall as my orange lime as seen on the picture ^w^

Thursday, August 20, 2009

--Pullip Kuroshitsuji--

Recently I'm quite fond of Kuroshitsuji these days and I found out from TOMOPOP that Jun Planning has released 3 characters which are Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michealis and Greil ♥_♥ Especially Greil, his my favorite character in Kuroshitsuji and I love it especially when he's with Sebastian
Let's check out Jun Planning's Pullip Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel fully dressed up in his outdoor wear and a cute top hat along with his "short cane"

Ciel's eye patch can be detach from Ciel's head and his pentagram eye is revealed *w* Even the blouse for Ciel is sew with laces ^_^ I just love his little shoes =_=

Sebastian Michealis' clothes is made very detail *w*
Especially the badge part~

Cool Sebastian in cook costume ^^

Next is my favorite character which is Greil *o*

But this Greil looks rather innocent and cute =_=
Unlike the one in the anime/manga ^^ I love the way he call Sebastian, Sebby~

For me, I would prefer the anime/manga version with the sharp teeth and a chainsaw *w*
Though so, I would say the costume is made quite detail ^_^

All images taken from Tomopop

My New Semester...

This is my second week for my new semester and all the assignments are pouring on my desk while my lecturers are starting squeeze in new stuff into my head... =_=''' Before I proceed on with my week 3...I steal some time to hang out with my friends ^_^

I blog a little today on my shopping at Tai Kiong, tHe Spring~
They are Pocky and Collon in ichigo flavor ^^
I love ichigo Pocky but recently at Tai Kiong, they do not bring in the ones from Japan anymore but they got the ones from Thailand =_=

The one on the left is the one imported from Japan and the one on the right is the one from Thailand ^^
For me, personally, I would prefer the one from Japan for the packaging is lovely~ Asides from that, it is not as sweet as the one from Thailand but just right for me ^^
Actually, I am not really a fan of strawberry flavor but Onineko had got me to try this wonderful strawberry flavored Pocky and I start to buy Strawberry flavor Pocky everytime I go to tHe Spring I just hope that they will bring in the strawberry flavored Pocky from Japan

I'll blog when I get the chance to do so x_n

Monday, August 10, 2009

D.I.Y. Mini Lovely Baby Shop

--Shop Front--

--The Interior of the shop--

While browsing around at Kuching Fest last Saturday, I found this lovely DIY Mini Lovely Baby Shop sold by one of the stalls there ^^
Personally I love DIY stuff (provided I have enough time to DIY the item) and the salesgirl told me that everything that you see in the picture is included and I was even more interested in it *w*

When I reach home, I unwrapped it and sweaaat... a monkey intruction manual?? Cute though ^^

The first thing I thought of is that "something is not quite right here =_=
and ZOMG every single furniture inside needs to built from scratch x____x'''
Great~ they have included a bottle of wood glue and so, I started the DIY...

The very 1st part that I have joined together with the provided wood glue took me half an hour before it could dried out properly =__=

So I gave up doing it and kept for the next holiday to come so that I would have more time to spend doing it n_n

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sylvanian Families: Wedding Chapel

Image taken from

Remember 3 days back, I have bought a Nendoroid Sebastian Michealis... I wanted to either make or buy some backdrop for him and I found a specially made for Nendoroid's Play Set for Japanese Life from which cost RM150 for the whole set (It is a seperate set of Part A and B). Even though it's especially for Nendoroids but the backdrop did not fully fit for being Sebastian's backdrop which is describe to be living in Victorian era... =_="'

While browsing around at tHe Spring few days back, I have spotted a lovely children's play chapel at Poppies, a shop where they sell varieties of childrens' toys, food, clothing, shoes and furnitures ^^

The thing is I wasn't sure if the size is too big or too small for my little Sebastian to be used as backdrop... So I decided to bring along Sebastian to measure if it's right for him and to my suprise, it's as though it was custom made for a Nendoroid size *o* Nyaaa~

The original price was RM169.90 but after discount given, it cost me only RM129.90 which much cheaper than the Nendoroid's original play set *w* The wedding capel set is under the series Wedding Bells in Sylvania of the Sylvanian Families Collection which is distruted by Flair Leisure Products, UK ^^

The whole set comes with the wedding chapel itself, the bride and groom and its furniture which are the organ, bench, a quill, decorations, bell and a pulpit along with the wedding song note and a wedding declaration note *u*

The chapel comes with separated parts whereby you'll need to fix in the top and the stairs o_n

The available building and other available furnitures

Families in Sylvania

I've took some pictures of my Sebastian in the chapel as well ^^

"Welcome, Today I'll be the witness for today's wedding ceremony"

"Ahem...Do you Alex Periwinkle accept Kate Periwinkle as your loving wife?

"Yes, I do"

"And do you Kate Periwinkle accept Alex Periwinkle as your loving husband?"

"I do"

"Now I declare both of you husband and wife and now you may kiss"

After the wedding ceremony

"Care for some tea after the wedding ceremony?"


Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Little Sebastian Michealis n_n

Today we went to MomoToys which is currently situated at tHe Spring ground floor and I brought my Sebastian along to take some pictures since this is where he's from before he was sold to me ^_^ Besides according to my fren, MomoToys is gonna move soon by 19 August to the 2nd floor o_o but larger space for them to put their stocks n_n

--MomoToys namecards--

Nendoroid Sebastian's twins *w* Those who wanna buy Sebastian better grab it fast for there are only 3 Sebastians are in-stock at MomoToys =_="'

Actually only today that I have some time to open up my Sebastian to snap some pictures of him *o*

Got into some problem when i realised that there is a piece of plastic in between the upper body and torso O_O'''

Lucky my hubby manage to get that piece of plastic out and not damaging it...phew~
I just wonder why on earth do they wanna put a piece of plastic in between and it makes it hard to remove that piece of plastic for it becomes too fit and we took off the head and legs before we remove the plastic =_='''

"The place I was sold off to my new owner, TeddyTales"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last Day Of COSvention (Part 2: The Stage Performance)

The stage and prizes for the winners for the Skit Performance ^^

Vicky signing before the Skit Performance starts ~

Final Fantasy group posing for pictures n_n

Taking pictures with the crowd ^^

New member in the Final Fantasy Group *o*

Reno and Cloud chatting in front of Ipoh Town O_O

Nice weapons~

First performer performing magic??? O__O"'

Here comes our lost little Lolita

Villains approaching x_X
Getting closer...

Looks like a ritual ceremony ^_^

Both Prince charming??? Or rather Vampire Charming Prince comes in to help the poor little Lolita up ^^

Being pulled up


The white Vampire snatches the Pink Lolita away

"Now it's my turn to snatch her back coz she's mine!"

White Vampire looking jealous o_o

"I snattttch again ^^"

"Lolita aside! Now is between us Vampire's Fight!"

"Bring it on!!!"

This is video for the fighting scene ^^

Oppps...looks like our black Vampire just lost the match and white Vampire escorting the Pink Lolita ^^

Escorting her to the front~

Nyaaa!! The white Vampire is gonna bite the Pink Lolita!!! ...but yet it looks soo romantic -_-

Bowing for the finish~

One Piece Group ^^

Final Fantasy Group

Onineko's Palm is swollen x_x

Now my palm is swollen -_-"'

Hands up in the air and say "CHEESE~"

SWATWolf enjoying his fried dumpling ^^

Sneak in for dumplings...


Mmmm...delicious ~

Mika's guitar is wear a pair of SHOES??? O_O

One of the crew member is also wearing the kitty palm ^^ Kawaii~

Is he gonna play a song for us???

Neh! Just for pose -_-"'

Posing for some group pictures~

Gonna be stabb...

SAMS is being awarded ^^

Ian is being awarded as well ^^

SAMS Skit Performance just won 1st Prize and look at the Pink Lolita soo happy ^^ haha~

A happy ending for the Skit Performance ^_^

~The End~

Love Fishes