Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anime Gathering 2009 (Part1)

After all plannings made for this event, the day has finally arrives n_n
~The stage~
Some collectors are busy displaying their collections
Well, this miniature collections in the display glass or rather the "fish tank" is mine n_n
I've displayed my Nendoroids and some of my Re-Ment miniatures in the lil wedding chapel n_n
Kimberly is one of the very important person who have made the event a success whereby she has contributed a lot during that day to decorate the ballroom O_O
Let's look at the decorations ^_^
The Reception Counter

Candies are Figurines are place on the counter table n_n

The Main Entrance Door
A Bowl of Candies are place in the middle of the entrance way n_n
Let's go inside and see the other decorations

An imposter of Grell Sutcliff is sawing off a Baby Dino's head! OMG!!
The event started off with a speech from our little Presie, Serene~
My Comic Fiesta friend, Uepu brought her "daughter" along to the dinner n_n
Isn't she lovely~
She had became a mascot for Table 3 ^_^
Our Dance Game representitives from each table~
BabyDino and her hamster was the spotlight for the Romantic Dance~
To be continue....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nendoroid Ciel

I'm looking forward for Ciel Phanthive's Nendoroid but seems that there is still no news about the comfirmed released date though there are news about the colored version of Ciel Phantomhive's Nendoroid =_=
According to's news, it is said to be released in December 2009 but not even a bit of wheather it will be release or not is reviewed....

Just pray that Ciel Phantomhive's Nendoroid does not go to the same fate as some disappeared Nendoroids like Ignis Nendoroid O_O
He's cute in Nendoroid form *O*

Monday, December 21, 2009


Last Friday, I went to watch Avatar in 3D with my hubby at MBO, tHe Spring n_n
I love the whole storyline whereby the idea for the story takes to a very different image whereby in the Pandora planet, I love the scenery of the night that the plants can glow in the dark and the "animals" (I guess that's what they are called) looks nice and the concept of design is very unique ^_^

I like the part that the "owner" can connect and both "pet" and "owner" can communicate and imagine if we can do that as well with our pet animal would be wonderful so that we can understand them well hahaha...

Overall the whole movie watching in 3D is like watching High Definition quality video just sadly the 3D feeling is not as much as I have expected *_*

My next watch in 3D would be Alice in The wonderland which I've previewed it during the Avatar movie n_n

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Melvin's Graduation Party ^_^

Melvin's Graduation at Swan Teem Restaurant, RH Plaza was a great place for all of us to celebrate his graduation and hang out together n_n Everyone gets to cook their own desired food at their own way either to pan-fry or cook it in the soup ^_^
Oppsy...I've forgotten to mentioned that it was a steamboat *O*

It's a half steamboat and buffet style whereby one person is RM18 and you can choose the type of raw food that you wanna cook ~

This is our cooking oil: BUTTER

Everyone start to cooking!

Some starts to eat and chats around ^_^

After eating for half an hour....

Our table is still eat while...

some starts to chit-chat at another table n_n

While BabyDino starts with her ice-cream dessert and...

she "Fried" her Ice-cream??

While everyone uses a small bowl for their ice-cream, I used a plate for my ice-cream *O*


P/s: Also, we need to express appreciation for Melvin have treated us for this
Graduation Party~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday Gathering~

We have had our gathering at 101 Premier area in conjucntion to our friend, Chris's birthday which most of us were unable to attend =_='''

Onineko and her darling BabyDino n_n

Somebody is up to something YAOI...

Public yaoi OMG! +_+

The next yaoi victim....Arthur ^_^'''

Calling for backup...

"Ahhh! 999 someone is molesting me! HELP!!!"

Trying to seduce another victim but FAIL....

Meanwhile, we have a pair of yuri n_n

"How dare you yuri!"


Onineko: "So what"
BabyDino: "My Darling~"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kuroshitsuji OVA

After the final episode of Kuroshitsuji, now they have come out with its OVA which is a total comedy whereby most of the major characters are put to act in play of Hamlet It's a must-watch-anime for Kuroshitsuji fans *O*

Besides that, towards the end of the OVA, there's a preview of the next coming Second OVA which is said to be released in 2010 n_n

The second one is also a comedy whereby they are "Sushi Makers" ^_^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Anime Gathering 2009

Remember the teaser poster the other day???
The mystery has finally unveil!!!!!

Our official poster for the Anime Gathering 2009

Compared to the Teaser poster, this one looks more refreshing and fun n_n

So come and join us at the event if you want to join in the fun do reserve yourself on
28th December 2009 (Monday)
starting from
6.30pm onwards
and remember to buy the ticket from us for

Prizes, souvenirs, performance and surprises awaits you at
Ballroom hall 2, Crown Square, Kuching, Sarawak
If you have any inquiries you may post on the blog comment or the chatbox on the right side of the blog or you may visit SAMS-Site n_n
~See you there~

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Wonderful Present~

My hubby dear made a wonderful cosplay chainsaw frame out of his leftover wooden board for my cosplay as Grell Sutcliff ♪♪
I love it and appreciate the effort that my hubby dear have put in making it for this is the very 1st time he ever made a cosplay prop n_n

This is the nicest part of the chainsaw which is the handle part n_n
It's a little bit different from the one in the anime and manga for the top part was flat while this is a little curvy which my hubby made it for more comfortable grip for me ^_^

With the basic frame of the chainsaw, it has made easy for me to make the decoration for the hardest part is the frame itself and tools are needed as well such as electric jig-saw which is important when cutting the curve part *o*

Not an easy thing to actually stick the aluminium foil on the blade part =_='''

Taadaa! Nicely done n_n
it took me one whole afternoon to finish STICKING the foil alone....

With my costume and chainsaw frame done, I'm 60% to my Grell Sutcliff cosplay n_n

Love Fishes