Monday, January 11, 2010

-- Happy New Year 2010 --

A brand new year for a brand new day and my Poupee Girl greets:
"Happy New Year!"
It's been a year and 10 months plus, I've been playing this virtual game, Poupeegirl which my friend introduced it to me and let's start with the Dress Up to welcome the New Year ^_^

These are some of the combinations that I've made for my New Year look for my Poupeegirl which I've bought her some new items for her little closet and we are ready to go down town n_n

In the Poupee Town we are able to buy new appareals for our Poupeegirl, chat with other girls or even guys in town and get to know the latest fashion in town as well as getting to know new friends in town and now let's check out the latest appareal on sale at the Katharine Shop *o*

I see a "NEW" sign on top which indicates that there are new items on sale *o*

In the shop, we can browse and if you want to know how the dress will look on your Poupeegirl, simply click on the "See Images" button and a Poupee Model will model the items that you want n_n

Some times the dresses made for Poupeegirls are designers-made-items which means that they are also available in reality like these new dresses which looks the same as the ones that the models above are wearing ^_^

p/s: All pictures are print screen from

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