Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All my stuff has arrive HAPPY SEPTEMBER

Yea~ my Hentai Neko figure (Mahou Syoujo Neko X) came last week but I'm busy doing my assignment thus, did not post up any updates ^_^lll Besides that, my yukata that I ordered from Akikomoon has arrived too n_n Future more, in September is the first time that I've Set up my online sales through Comic Fiesta but... nobody bought stuff from me yet ^_nlll but wanna sell my old stuff along with my frens stuff so that at least got some stuff in my online sales...

This Saturday is our Anime and Manga Society is holding our first anniversary dinner at Rakutei, Japanese Restaurant ^_^

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lau sik kia said...

Wow... can borrow me the figure ma....? ekekekekekkeke

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