Thursday, November 19, 2009

Serene's Birthday

Today's our cute little club president's 20th birthday, Serene~
Hence, Onineko has decided to give her a surprise by organizing a surprise for her whereby we are divided into 3 groups which are leaded by Onineko, Sherrie and me n_n

For our group, our surprise is....

A Miniature Birthday Cake from Re-ment and....

A blue glass cookie container

There are some cute prints on the surface of the container as well

To add some surprise, I have shredded some papers to put in the container so that when she won't see the cake until she opens the container and that makes double surprise for her hehehe...
Looks like a bird nest to me =_='''

Well, I hope that she'll like the present that we got for her for I have limited time to actually come out with a good present for her for almost everything that I though of getting her as a present is something that she already has...
Well, a Re-ment is something that she would seldom buy or collect ^_n

p/s: hope tonight's surprise will give her a memorable 20th birthday n_n

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