Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Present~

Every year when it comes to times like Valentine's Day or my hubby's bothers me to think what should I gift him ....
Well, this year Serene got me the idea to gift something hand-made chocolate instead of buying the gift n_n

I started off with...chopping the hazelnuts into halves ♥

The main ingredient, BAKING CHOCOLATE~♥~

Melting the chocolate and it tasted like fountain chocolate when it's melted ^_^

Preparing the heart shaped mold for my chocolate ♥
Batch 1
Looks kinda uneven...

Batch 2
A little improvement...

Batch 3

After covering the top with chocolate, Batch 1 & 2 looks much better n_n

♥ All 3 batch of chocolate ready to be put into the fridge ♥

As well as the leftovers ^_^

The next morning...

After leaving it overnight in the fridge, they look nice and yummy *o*

All six pieces of chocolate with six sizes ready to be packed up~

Just right for my lunch box~

♥ Love Chocolate ♥


babydino said...

leftover chocs gib me! ><

TeddyTales said...

lol...if still got leftover choc when sem start den I'll bring for ya ler hahaha...

TeddyTales said...

@如此的: Thanks for your compliment n_n

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