Thursday, March 25, 2010

Streamyx Uni Package

Today the people from TMnet has come to install Streamyx just right after I register for the Streamyx Uni Pack on Tuesday

Streamyx Uni Pack is opened to university students who are studying either in their year 1 or year and it must be certified by the university O_O

Apart from paying RM50 per month, a HP Mini 210-1073TU Netbook is given FREE to students who register themselves for this promotional package which is almost like a free internet usage for 2 years n_n
Can't wait for another 19working days to see what is the color of the Netbook that they will give me for this model of Netbook, comes with 4 colors which are black, red, white and blue

Apart from that, a whole new semester and a whole lot of freedom for the way I want to conduct the studies or research for my assignments which means time managment is important n_n

One of my assignment which we have built our own "company" known as JAK Design which carries all 3 of our initials and it's fun planning and doing the assignment with my group members to look for a client and brainstorm for ideas to help the client to promote their products ^_^

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kenwooi said...

too bad i cant enjoy such uni services anymore =P

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