Sunday, January 23, 2011

CNY approaching...very soon...

Every year when this time comes, there is only 2 things that bug me

1 ---> My exam result (it won't bug me anymore next year)
Well, at least the result was released already on Friday and at least my study had paid off
(well not that of a hardwork but at least what I have done for my study is what I have get)
So I'm gonna reward myself by opening up a box of Pullip doll (maybe 2 box?)

Image taken from dan_dal
2 ---> Spring worst nightmare...
Basically, I have an allergy to dust (weird but true) but I SURVIVE IT! Though I have a lot of scratch on my hands and legs due to the itch from the dust allergy... well... at least the good news is that I'm down to a few more things to prepare for Chinese New Year (CNY) n_n

Well, other from spring cleaning, there are some To-Do-List for my own before CNY
--Make some clothes for my doll darlings--
--Clean up my room (^_^lll) --
--Drama marathon (not that important XD)--
--Sharpen my crocheting skills--
--Do some scrapbooking (Something to inspire myself)--

Less Talk and Get Things Done

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