Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Image taken from Tokyo5 was yesterday but I was rather busy with my own things to deal with and only today that I realize that I forgotten to update my poor little blog which I have been abandoning for half a month now...
Looking back to 2010, I guess I have achieve something and learnt something new from it like great team work that in the team that I have gain is not just being given a name "TEAM MEMBERS" and doing the assignment individually in the end... I really work with them and we brainstorm ideas together and face the problems and solve the problems together but the most memorable part is "LESS ME MORE WE"
There are some unhappy events that I have faced in 2010 but most of the time it's happy just that sometimes I'm rather busy with stuff and I did not blog or maybe I'll back date it when I have time this summer holiday n_n

Image taken from Anime Galleries

Hope that the year of the Rabbit which is my birth year, brings equal or more fun to everyone n_n
♥ So don't get carried away

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