Friday, April 29, 2011

Childhood Stories

 While my friends were paying for their car parking fee, I walk around the corner and polaroid-looking pictures caught my eyes... I always love polaroid motif collections and childhood themes items n__n When I saw them, I got stuck at the shop and I have to ask my friend to wait for me while I choose which one to buy *o*

 I finally made the decision to buy these which are postcard collections that is pack in tin boxes

The square tin box comes with 50 pieces of postcards in polaroid like form and 5 stickers

The back of the polaroid postcards is an antique like postcard

The saleslady told me that it was a sales and discount have been given and they pack in 4 mini clips and a string as a gift n___n

This is the image at the back of the tin box of the rectangular one

It comes with 42 pieces of bookmark cards and...

5 pieces of stamps
Well, this set is packed with childhood theme cards and when I first saw it, I really wanted to buy it for it reminds me of the moments that I have imagined to have with my cat when I first had a cat as my pet

Among all the designs of the bookmarks, I love this one the most for it's a genuine and innocent friendship between a cat and the girl
When I was about to make my payment for my collections, I found this lovely notebook diary and there were a lot of designs and I grab this rose pattern one for it's lovely

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