Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Valentine's Present has arrived!

Hubby dear wa AISHITERU! Hehehe...soo is CNY eve whereby me n my family will eat together somewhat like a fanily gathering n.n So half of the dishes are home cooked by both my daddy n grandma while another half is a take away from 'PIAO XIANG RESTAURANT' which catered for CNY eve n_^

It was around 3pm in the noon when we were about to leave home to get our take away orders when a PosLaju van came to my gate saying that there's a parcel for me ^_O Sooo..delighted to sign the package n open it n.n

How sweet to see my valentine's present which my hubby dear had ordered for me from West M'sia ^_^
^_^ This actually a keychain which i bought last year at My Life Collection n i suites my Valentine's Day present well n.n

Hehehe...I'll prepare my gift for White Valentine's Day n_^ Secret~

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