Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Re-sit result is out...

Hehehe...Sugoiii~ My hard work paid ^w^ Though it was a hard time for me to pull myself up in the middle of the night to study for my re-sit but it's worth it n.n Of course, i've pass my re-sit so i can enrolled to 2nd semester ^_^ All thanks to my hubby dear n oso everyone around me supporting me n cared for me T____T sooo...touch~
Well, in the mean time my hubby dear's 2nd bro is gonna go to S'pore to work since he has frens inviting him to work there n of course it's a gud place
to gain more experience working there though we might be missing him n_n mmm...during this month of February, i got to know somewhat things that i don really
know about cars n audio system *_* Everyone was kinda having mix feelings of happy n worry n also a lil missing when knowing that he's gonna work in S'pore n especially hubby dear...both of them get along very well n i sincerely wish him Good Luck! Not cause his my hubby's 2nd bro but he's been a gud fren ^_^

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