Thursday, February 14, 2008

On Valentine's Day ^o^

Sometimes we really cant seem to predict suprises comin from our frens out of the 'RED' n_n Well, we usually think that every Valentine's Day is for couples to celebrate it together n appreciate the relationship n all those Valentine's stuff which we'll do to celebrate Valentine's Day n.n

Suprisingly one of our fren whom we got to know around months, gave us Valentine's Day presents not that he's in love with both of us but it's to wish both me n hubby dear a long lasting relationship O.o
The presents I got from my fren n.n

Hehehe...cute Japanese couple rite~'s true that i felt shock when he told us he wanted to buy Valentine's present for us 2 days back n eventually, the suprising thing is that i din think it was a weird thing to do so o.o Me n hubby dear actually thought of buying him a Valentine's present in return n_o
This cute boy represents my hubby dear!
This cute gal represents me n.n

On Valentine's morning, I've sent messages to my frens(to gals only so that no misleading for the guys during Valentines) who are couples to wish them
Happy Valentine's Day ^w^

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