Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bento Making ^_^

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What is Bento?
Bento is a term for lunch box whereby in Japan, most people would make their own bento either for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. One of the reasons for making our own bento is that, it is healthy. Besides that, some outstation students have the needs to save but are they saving healthily? In our bento making activity, we’ll teach the students how to save wisely and healthily by making their own bento instead of eating outside everyday and spent more. Apart from that, bento making is environmentally friendlier because by bringing our own lunch box, the use of plastics as well as polystyrene is reduced. Furthermore, from this activity, we are also giving a chance for those who do not have much knowledge of cooking, they can learn from simple steps that we’ll be demonstrating during the activity for a healthier lifestyle.

What do we do during the Bento Making activity?
Bento Making will be organized before lunch so that members get to eat their own handmade bento. Members as well as non-members are invited to the bento making activity as well and they will be advice to hands-on for the bento making so that they get to learn how to make their own bento as well. Besides that, they can bring back their own bento after making it.

Last week we had our Bento Making activity which we have planned last week during our committee meeting and I was selected to be the organizer of the activity while Onineko is my assitant n_n In order to serve yummy food for our audiences, we decided to prepare the food early in the morning in one of the empty classroom x_x

--Bear Punched Seaweed Decoration--

While preparing, rain tried his silver mask ^^
Looks good on his face n_n

--Messy "kitchen--

--Tako Time--

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


--A bowl of nicely fried sausage Tako--

--Everyone busy preparing the ingredients--

--Demostration Time--

Snowfish became my assitant during the demostration ^_^


--Arrangeing the Sushi into the Bento box--

--Making my Egg Roll--
The whole demonstration can be said as a success with the help of rain and Snowfish's friend to prompt up questions else, the whole demonstration would be "dead" in a way that most audience do not wanna voice out their questions only our SAMS committee members =_=


After the demostration, we asked the audience to come up to have a hands-on to make their own Bento n_n

Everyone dig in the ingredients that they want to create their Bento

--My Bento--

--Snowfish's Bento--

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