Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Masquerade Mask

This Sunday, we'll have our Swinburne Prom Night 2009 ^_^ This year the Prom Night is organized quite differently whereby we have masquerade party *w* Mystery~

For that event, we have ordered assorted colors of metallic plastic masquerade mask for the mask that we have locally are the simple ones that are made from paper material which will look flat on our face =_=''' while the ones that are given free do not fit our faces properly whereby the cutting of the eye does not have the shape of the eye causing irritation when wearing it @_@

The ticket fee is RM60 which includes:
free RM5 Ray's salon voucher
free RM5 + starter pack from Hotlink
free plastic mask

Let's check out the colors that we have here~

--Gold and Silver--

--Black and White--

--Red and Pink--

--Green and Semi-transparent--

Everyone will be busy decorating their masks so that it will look unique and lovely n_n
Besides that, on that night, there will be prizes given to Best Dressed Female, Best Dressed Male and Best Mask asides from the Prom Kings and Queen ^^ will I decorate my mask O_o


Amagirl said...

hello dear, may i know from where did u buy those lovely mask? coz im gonna attend a masquerade party in 2 weeks time and im looking for a nice couple mask like what u have here..
i'm Cece, this is my email add. pls do reply.


Chaiyih said...

hey, I am also attending a masquerade party... can u tell me where did u get all these nice masks? thx!

Love Fishes