Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back Blogging again~

I guess those who knew me and have read my blog, it has been awhile since I last entry...
Much have happen, my beloved kitty pet, Garfield has pass away like half a year plus by now...my life have changed a lot in a year time from a care-less and carefree person to another person whom I don't know who I am...
I gradually become to go deeper into this Lolita, Gothic and cosplay stuff and my expenditure has increased nowadays buying Lolita stuff and things that I once love and like but never think of buying them for I always think that such a hobby is a waste but thinking clearly...I'm actually wasting my money on Gundam hobby as well, buying Gundam stuff and mangas...
Hahaha...I begin to understand that hobby is not really a matter of just spending the money but it's a matter of interest that we should be proud to have one ♪♪
I try my best to share with everyone my life, hobby as well as interest ♪
Cheers to the world~

Love Fishes