Monday, December 7, 2009

A Wonderful Present~

My hubby dear made a wonderful cosplay chainsaw frame out of his leftover wooden board for my cosplay as Grell Sutcliff ♪♪
I love it and appreciate the effort that my hubby dear have put in making it for this is the very 1st time he ever made a cosplay prop n_n

This is the nicest part of the chainsaw which is the handle part n_n
It's a little bit different from the one in the anime and manga for the top part was flat while this is a little curvy which my hubby made it for more comfortable grip for me ^_^

With the basic frame of the chainsaw, it has made easy for me to make the decoration for the hardest part is the frame itself and tools are needed as well such as electric jig-saw which is important when cutting the curve part *o*

Not an easy thing to actually stick the aluminium foil on the blade part =_='''

Taadaa! Nicely done n_n
it took me one whole afternoon to finish STICKING the foil alone....

With my costume and chainsaw frame done, I'm 60% to my Grell Sutcliff cosplay n_n

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