Thursday, December 17, 2009

Melvin's Graduation Party ^_^

Melvin's Graduation at Swan Teem Restaurant, RH Plaza was a great place for all of us to celebrate his graduation and hang out together n_n Everyone gets to cook their own desired food at their own way either to pan-fry or cook it in the soup ^_^
Oppsy...I've forgotten to mentioned that it was a steamboat *O*

It's a half steamboat and buffet style whereby one person is RM18 and you can choose the type of raw food that you wanna cook ~

This is our cooking oil: BUTTER

Everyone start to cooking!

Some starts to eat and chats around ^_^

After eating for half an hour....

Our table is still eat while...

some starts to chit-chat at another table n_n

While BabyDino starts with her ice-cream dessert and...

she "Fried" her Ice-cream??

While everyone uses a small bowl for their ice-cream, I used a plate for my ice-cream *O*


P/s: Also, we need to express appreciation for Melvin have treated us for this
Graduation Party~

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