Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anime Gathering 2009 (Part1)

After all plannings made for this event, the day has finally arrives n_n
~The stage~
Some collectors are busy displaying their collections
Well, this miniature collections in the display glass or rather the "fish tank" is mine n_n
I've displayed my Nendoroids and some of my Re-Ment miniatures in the lil wedding chapel n_n
Kimberly is one of the very important person who have made the event a success whereby she has contributed a lot during that day to decorate the ballroom O_O
Let's look at the decorations ^_^
The Reception Counter

Candies are Figurines are place on the counter table n_n

The Main Entrance Door
A Bowl of Candies are place in the middle of the entrance way n_n
Let's go inside and see the other decorations

An imposter of Grell Sutcliff is sawing off a Baby Dino's head! OMG!!
The event started off with a speech from our little Presie, Serene~
My Comic Fiesta friend, Uepu brought her "daughter" along to the dinner n_n
Isn't she lovely~
She had became a mascot for Table 3 ^_^
Our Dance Game representitives from each table~
BabyDino and her hamster was the spotlight for the Romantic Dance~
To be continue....


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TeddyTales said...

I agree with you and I'm looking forward to next year's Anime Gathering >_n

Hope that you'll be with us again next year n_n

Love Fishes