Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My HP Mini 210-1073TU Netbook

After the installation of my Streamyx Cool Uni Pack for 12 working days, I finally got my Netbook the other day at tHe Spring n_n Well, mine was kinda "special" for everyone else's Netbook was sent to their doorstep while mine needs me to collect it by myself and some more being surprised to receive it on stage n_n'''
These are some of the specifications of the Netbook model and its system features n_n
Here's a link of the full specification on HP Mini 210-1073TU Netbook
I still maintain the protective sticker so that it will still look new for the next few months ^_^
I find that most of my friends including those who receive their Netbook at the same time with me got the black one whereas the one shown in the website got 4 different colors O_O??
Probably it's to save trouble in case everyone wants to choose the color that they want for they Netbook *o*
The little "Thank You" note was actually sticked on the edge of the screen when I receive it n_n
A customized card for all the receivers n_n
Bought this bag straight away when I got the Netbook and the bag has its brand on it which looks matching to me n_n


kenwooi said...

got thank you card somemore.. very sincere from TM =)

TeddyTales said...

Yups, the card is customized for each receivers which makes it feel "special" n_n

yji said...

Hi TeddyTales aka jessica, I'm just a passerby. I stumbled across your hp netbook from streamyx post here. I would like to ask whether the netbook comes with an installation cd or not?
Thx xD

TeddyTales said...

Hi yji, there is no installation cd included for a netbook does not have a cd/dvd-rom n_n But you could backup the drivers through online download from HP website >_n

yji said...

thank you very much =)

Love Fishes