Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day~

~Easter Bunny's Garden~

A nice entrance way to the Easter Garden n_n

I feel so small in the garden with huge roses and mushrooms *o*

The roses have faces!

Though they have faces but they don't look scary at all n_n

A nice place to have

On the other side of the garden there are some Easter Games for everyone n_n

The Easter Bunny carrying a huge egg

This is a nice place for relaxation

Yummy~ Chocolate fountain stall

Lovely and colorful balloon at sight


Some Easter Bunny Eggs that my mom bought for me on Easter Sunday n_n

~I love the prints on top of the eggy~

It comes in 2 variety of prints for these Easter Eggs

There are some lovely and cute chocolates inside the Easter Eggs


kenwooi said...

eh.. is alice in the wonderland related to easter day? haha.. =)

TeddyTales said...

Lol...probably in conjunction to the latest movie Alice in the Wonderland hahaha...

Love Fishes