Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recruitment Day (7th April - 8th April)

Sorry for uploading this post so late =_=''' I got sick after the recruitment day and the Netbook Ceremony make it worst @_@'''

DAY 1 (7th April)

Last week, the Swinburne Student Council have organized a Club Recruitment Day to introduce the clubs to the students n_n This is our SAMS' booth which we had brought some of our Anime related items to display and to attract the new students ^_^

Both me (Grell Sutcliff) and Serene (Lacus Clyne) are the only ones crossplaying and cosplaying during that day *w*

We give out bookmarks for the first 50 students who register on both days

A display of Suzumiya Haruhi's PVC Figure

Mio Nendoroid

Battle of Gundams n_n

Macross "I Lve Sheryl" decorated PS3

Some Original Anime and Soundtracks on display *o*

-- Drame Club --

The King of Hearts

Seiyuu Magazines and Chihara Minori's Fanbook

DAY 2 (8th April)

On the 2nd day there were lesser display items on display =_='''

Some previews n_n

Registration made on this laptop ^_^ more systematic

A list of Animes that we have in our club library *o*

Nendoroid Asakura Yume

Babydino taking some pictures for blogging n_n

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