Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black Day in tHe Spring

A random idea came out yesterday when Dino said that she was gonna wear black today for her presentation and hence, we have asked everyone to wear black for the random reason of "celebration of the ancient one turning to prehistoric fossil"...
We don't even know what kind of celebration is that...

Hence, we walked in tHe Spring and found Kyan Anime! having some events at the South Court and our black group went to have a closer look on the booths O_O

Well, today is their first day so it is not well prepared yet and they have not put up the banners yet =_o

Lots of book marks and handmades are on sale at Kaito's booth

Kyan Anime!'s registration booth which is open to anyone to register and get to know their schedule for the event n_n

There are 8 types of competition for registration from cosplay to bento making which is open for registration until 10th of June 2010 O_O

Japanese cultural items for display
I love the origami which are cute

Childhood toys

They are really cute but they are for display only =_+
Hope that 100 Yen could bring these stuff in for sell n_n

Free Yokoso Japan booklets

Looks like he wanna beat up someone O_O

phew...now he looks like his own self hahaha

Group photo taken by Michelle

Another group photo taken by Tomi

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