Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exam is Coming Soon

My exam is coming soon and I have 2 subjects in my final exam which will be in a week time but I'm still kinda lagging away for this was the worst week for due date for assignment was everywhere and me and my assignment partners were constantly chasing after time... Finally, everything was done but I just feel that I need a rest...but I do not have the time to take a

Recently, I'm addicted to Restaurant City (Facebook Games),

they have lots of new things to attract players to play the game but I'm not so addicted now that I have got the Sushi bar and Drink Bar with the help from my friends n_n
Say Good Bye to Restaurant City until I finish my exam in July~ ^_^

Other from Restaurant City, Poupee is another game which attracts me to play and especially June has come which is the June Bride event (many couples get married in this very month) where my Poupee Girl can get to shop for wedding dress n_n

Lovely right but still my exam is coming and I should concentrate more on my study instead of game but probably a short break to update my Poupee does not make much harm since now that I deserted my Facebook games like Country Story (about a month), Pet Society (3 months), Social City (recently) and Restaurant City (starting from now on since I already hit my target) n_^

Poupee Girl and Ameba Pico will be updated daily only n_n


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