Monday, June 14, 2010

Kyan!me 2010

Having hopes for the event for the organizer of Kyan!me had promised us that they will expand their expo area from South Court to North Court by Friday but when I got there on Friday, it's still the same and even the last day, it remains the same at the South Court...

Hence, I'll blog the fun part of the Japanese Culture that they have showed for the event n_n

They provide some yukatas (Japanese Summer Kimono) for the public to wear and take pictures with *o*

One of the Japanese Cultural dance performers that have dressed in this lovely Kimono n_n

Escorts in their Shinsengumi (special police force) suits and held their flag high to show VIPs are on the way ^_^

Our Mayor and Mr Fujii Tettsuo

The Shinsengumis, organizer of the event and MC

Cosplayers and I love that cute Pickacu *o*

The Singaporean Japanese Culture Society with their wonderful performance of Japanese cultural dance n_n

This part is where they kick the football into the net to show friendship n_n

My favorite part that day is still the randomness that we have at MomoToys

Shining upon the Yakuza n_n

Onineko introducing the Yakuza to others to gain new members to the gang hehehe....

Yakuza taking his name card out from the pocket to distribute to others ^_^

Cover up their sidekicks who are collecting the protection fee from Shinogane hahaha...

We got Yakuza, Mastermind, Mafia and Ah Long *o*

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