Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Favourite Cartoonist is in Town

I was so happy for my favorite cartoonist, Kaoru has come to MPH Bookstore at tHe Spring for an autograph session n_n
I reach there just in time for I've overslept but there are many other fans who have reached there earlier and the early birds gets free paper bag, Maid Maiden sticker and notebook but I'm happy enough with autograph from Kaoru and their exclusive bookmarks *o*

See anything wrong on the notice's title?

Other from Kaoru, Keith came as well but I can only choose either one for the way that they make people to queue up is you can't have both cartoonist to autograph for you but you can only have a choice to either queue up at Kaoru or Keith and most people would either have their friends to queue up on another side or just select one and if there is a chance, they'll queue up again for another cartoonist's autograph... =3=

My only choice is to have Kaoru to autograph for me since I love her artwork more *o*

Both Kaoru and Keith can draw very well in a split second and I was amazed the way that they could do it *o*

This is my favorite cartoonist, Kaoru *o*

After the autograph session, they have conducted a comic classroom session to inspire their fans ^_n

They brought their artworks along to show the audience from...

Draft planning of the storyline to...

The finishing work n_n

Keith's lecture was amusing while ^_^

Kaoru shares her experience with all her fans n_n
Their personal tips and experience is very different from learning it from a book for there are things that can't be found in a book ^_^

My Gains: An A5 sketch from Kaoru, A sketched autograph on my Sugar Addict Artbook from Kaoru, 2 Maid Maiden bookmarks and inspiration from their experiences n_n

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MrNamiruz said...

sooo nice when u can meet ur idol..:) idol is akira toriyama..huhu

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