Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cheese & Tea

Yesterday we have had our lunch at Cheese & Tea and coincidentally, it was their 1st Anniversary

Special menus of Cheese & Tea's 1st Anniversary

Green wording: the Chinese translation of Honey Milk Tea with Pearl is "frog milk"
We laugh all the way when my friend translated the Chinese meaning for us *3*

Tom Cat avoids from being snap x_n

Cheese & Tea Pizza

Honey Chicken Pizza

A cute landscape near the front entrance


On the way back to campus XD


greenteacarm said...

waa :D my two most fav thing is cheese & tea LOLLOL XD
where is this shop ar ?

TeddyTales said...

@greenteacarm: Cheese and Tea is located at Jalan Kereta Api, Kuching. Like it was named, there are a number of cheesy menus and I love their strawberry milk tea~~

bookjunkie said...

your blog is so cute...with the music and everything :) thanks for bringing Sarawak to us

TeddyTales said...

@bookjunkie: Thanks for the compliment n_n

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