Friday, May 21, 2010

Dango Making

Dango! Dango!
The day has finally arrived and our president is the one teaching us for the dango making

They have prepared 3 colors of dango dough for the event

Miss Pressy starts to teach us how to make dango n_n

Her assistant, Chris, caught in a sticky dango trap when he tries to make his dango with the white dough which is rather sticky compared to the green and pink dough *o*'''

Well, instead of red bean or green tea paste, we used a substitute which is chocolate paste to suit everyone's taste for some might not like them like the other time we organize this event

Carefully wraps the chocolate paste with the flatten dango dough

Seems like she is gonna poke someone with the skewer +_=

I moved to another table to peaceful make my dango for there are too many people surrounding the table to make their dango masterpiece n_n

Since the white dango dough was too sticky, I decided to make my dango with the green and pink dough which looks equally colorful as well

My first dango

Dino starts to munch her dango n_n

Those little dough has made up to 13 dango *o*

My Green and Pink Pastel Colored Dango
Hope that every year, they can organize this event to have some fun in SAMS

What's with the small dango??


Theeggyolks said...

it looks pretty tasty XD

kenwooi said...

nice.. can be sold during food fairs.. =)

TeddyTales said...

@Theeggyolks: Personally, I love the chocolate paste for the dango intead of red bean n_n

@kenwooi: lol...not that pro yet to sell it coz my dango look ungly >_<

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