Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

It's Mother's Day again which falls on the second week of May n_n
However this year's Mother's Day seems to be dull for unlike the previous years, I find that not much shops are selling special gifts for Mother's Day =_='''
Therefore, I have to create my Mother's Day gift which is a Re-ment miniature cake for my mom is fond of miniature decorations as well like myself n_n

Instead of giving her the normal full set miniature cake, I've decided to make a small greeting for her ^_^

"Happy Mother's Day; We Love You!!"

The greeting is just right for the miniature cake and its decorations

The Re-ment cake miniature comes with a small cake box which can be used to put the cake in it and look like the real cakes that we buy from the bakery n_n

Fits just right in the box and the greeting fitted in as well

A cute polka-dot ribbon is made to close the box n_n


My mom was quite surprise when I pass the present through my cat's hand and I'm glad that she love her Mother's Day present ♥♥


fiona06 said...

such a cute cake!

TeddyTales said...

Thanks for the compliment n_n

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