Monday, May 17, 2010

Dango Making Event 2010

Remember "Dango Daikazoku" Ending song for the anime series Clannad?
It's been quite some time since SAMS has hold a Dango Making event and I'm looking forward for the event yummy~~

According to Travel Japan:
Dango which is a Japan delicacy made of either mochi or mochiko (rice flour) with various flavours that can be bought at the convenient store. Some might refer Dango as Mochi which are two different type of delicacy. For Mochi, it is made of glutinous rice soaked overnight and pounded with wooden mallets in a wooden container or a stone mortar that is normally used as a primary decoration for New Years Day.

Getting Dango from supermarkets for the price range of RM4-RM10 is easy but in this Dango Making Event, everyone is learning how to make their very own Dango which is an experience that the supermarkets do not sell ^_^

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