Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Idea Theft

Working out ideas for his own very dreams but it turns out to become someone's idea and that "someone" keeps the credit to themselves saying that it is their idea... At least if you want to copy someone's idea, "Credit It"! It's not like if you credit it, we will get any benefits from you for this is originally Rain's idea which does not belong to anyone else and what to say, you are calling it YOUR IDEA?
Oh, please! YOUR IDEA?! If it came out from your brain...there won't be same activity and worst of all, you can't even think of Your OWN ACTIVITY NAME O_O
Sharing is Caring,
Copying is researching

Images taken from applejunk.net

Some might have heard this event but it was never made due to financial crisis...
In 2008, Rain created I've Anime Society with the idea and objective to have the 1st ever Anime Convention in Kuching, Sarawak which is the East Malaysia. Well, it was a big event which I think no one would ever dream of having it in Kuching, Sarwak for normally, you would find them in West Malaysia or some other places....

Rain has influenced us into the society to work hard for this event with the mindset of spreading our interest and passion for anime to Kuching. Gathering together, we brainstorm for the possible activities to gain the people's interest and we went to companies to find sponsors but unfortunately the strength of financial supports from interested sponsors were insufficient and therefore, this Anime Convention idea was POSTPONED but we never give up on the idea! Somehow these ideas were leaked out to some COPYCATS due to the fact that our proposal is simply too detail with the activities and plannings...Though so there are still some activities that normal people (especially copycats) to understand how it works and what it really is n_n

Bare in mind that even you have our idea but you do not have the understanding to make the event...you'll live in the mind of the fans as a THEFT! Nothing but a THEFT!

Like what Serene pointed, we will respect you if you respect the founder by crediting the founder's idea which is RAIN


kenwooi said...

well.. i think people tend to follow others for inspirations? =/

TeddyTales said...

@kenwooi: Don't mind if they follow it as inspiration but the problem is when people interview them where did they get the idea, they just say something like "It pop-up from my head all of the sudden..."
Lol...they don't even understand the whole thing about it and they copy it just to get credits from it...sad

KuroZeroWing said...

What in the world copycat convention are you talking about? I am in the dark now.

TeddyTales said...

@KuroZeroWing: Due to some controversial issues that have restrained me to discuss the issue in public, I would advice that you could either get to know it from Baby Dino or myself in private discussions n_n Thanks for the concern of the issue ^_^

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