Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ciel is Coming this SEPTEMBER 2010

Image taken from Hobby Search

Wow! I'm so excited about it!
Finally after a long wait for Ciel Phantomhive Nendoroid...it is going to be released in September 2010 which is a great news for me!
I just feel a great excitement in me when I found this wonderful news while browsing on Xl-shop whereby pre-orders are already opened n_n

Image taken from Hobby Search

Best of all, the original Sebastian Michealis Nendoroid can be equipped with a hand with a napkin hanging on his hand and a tea set to serve our Cieal Phantomhive n_n
It is included in Ciel Nendoroid's set which means that I don't have to spend extra for it which is much better n_n

P/s: For more details, you can visit the website as below:


kenwooi said...

cool figurine =)

TeddyTales said...

@kenwooi: yeaps! I've been waiting for ages for it to release and I almost gave up hope on it >_<

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