Monday, August 27, 2007

Garfield's relaxing Sunday

It's Sunday and also one of Garfield's favourite day for everyone will be at home almost the whole day accompanying him to sleep on the bed (normal days wil only be sleeping on our living room sofa and only evening everyone wil be back)
In the morning the stinky skunk Garfield..."-_-

After a warm bath

Licking his coat

While me and my mom was watching drama series in the bedroom, he was deep asleep on the bed ignoring every noise from the television... Almost every few minutes he'll stretch and turn his body to a different position to sleep with comfort

Earlier on when we started to watch drama

Sugoi~ So sweet



Covering his face~

Continue sleeping!!!!

"-_- Sweat...


lau sik kia said...

wau.... you guys let the cat sleep on your bed ha...?.... not scared it will pangsai on the bed meh?... ekekekekekke by the way.... it's a cute cat teddy.... eekekekekkeke.

TeddyTales said...

My Garfield is very kuai 1 that's why he won't do it on the bed n_n hahaha...

Love Fishes