Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue Monday

Mmm...soo sad today coz I found a yukata with the design that i like in Akikomon Superstore's main site in the morning but in the noon someone bought it... TT.TT
Why that one?!!! *sigh* The specialty in the design is that it's a sakura base background with a white rabbit in the sakura Kawaii~ like it very much just that i got to know this yukata later.... got my Tamama-chan from Takeshi-chan who was ask by me to help me buy Tamama-chan model kit ^o^ There is a sale in that toy shop selling the Tamama model kit at 30% discount which is similar to the original price without shipping or tax. Domo-arigatou Takeshi-chan n_^

Tamama-chan n_n

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