Friday, August 17, 2007

Finally got a TI calculator

One of my degree subject needed the TI-83 calculator to calculate almost 80% of the exercise in the book...*sigh* (at least it's easy to get the answers) Found a former student who's willing to sell hers which is a TI-83 PLUS (a newer generation) for RM 450 *expensive* but at least i get to use it to do my exercise and in future my hubby dear can also use it for his engineering course too ^_o Later in the noon my daddy got the money for my calculator from the bank n_n cash n carry *_^ The calculator looks absolutely new along with all the other accessories (the cables and manual book along with a CD to install the functions)

Comes along with a bag of accessories

The calculator and the others accessories


My calculators ID

Consumes 4 AAA batteries and a button battery for backup purpose

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