Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My morning Breakfast

Yea~ My Tamama-chan model kit is 80% finished and all is left is the canon weapon system and stickers n_n Hehehe...finish most of the parts in 15 minutes while waiting for my hubby dear in the lobby ^_*
Playing around with my Tamama-chan while having our breakfast in the school cafeteria and snapped some pictures

Aiming at Takeshi-chan

Destroy the icy milo!

Playing around with my food while eating my breakfast with my hubby dear ^_^

p/s: do not play with your food only teddy bears can do so *wahahaha*

Love Love Bento~

Looks good with the gravy n_^ *yummy*



...."-_- sweat...being eaten by two loving teddy bears

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