Monday, July 9, 2007

Yeah~ Today me and my hubby teddy will finally finish our final exams n_n Yea starting today we'll be making our cosplay costume together (not really making a new one but editting my old dress into a cosplay costume) this is for our City Day Parade

I'll have my second Gundam model kit, Hi-nu tommorrow with my hubby teddy which we reserved at the dealers shop since May/June n.oIt's been 2 months since we bought our first Gundam a Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom in May(got it together after a month) which is now half way to finishing the model (planning to customize our Gundam)

(Normal Color Set)

(Variant Color Set)
These set is known as Yuiko Tokumi World Hakkaya (but don think there's an anime o manga for it) well, it comes in two kinds of color which is variant and normal color but both of these set comes in a box of 12 figures from random sets so I reserved 3 of them;2 from variant and 1 from normal o.O If the dealer stil hav the others wanna get the full figure from different set of color


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