Friday, July 20, 2007

Our New July Intake 2007 Orientation Day

Our club president's is wanted by all the July Intakes for the treasure hunt event n thus...our club members think out a plan to play with the new intakes (hehehe....) in order to obtain both the presidents picture n his signature, they'll hav to dance the Suzumiya Haruhi Ending Dance requested by us but only a few groups suceed n some chicken out for they are too shy to dance the dance that we ask them to fulfill (so sad...) well, some of them really danced well n some just shake around (but not bad at least they try)

busy preparing before the orientation starts

everyone busy arrangin the table

treasure hunters hunting for signature

their task to get the signature

so happy get to take pic wif his fave character n_n
our collections on display

so hungry...wan to eat haruhi's head liaw

my frens' suzumiya haruhi gashapon collection

Yea got my suzumiya haruhi gashapon figure

the lil guitar is cute n detail kawaii~

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