Friday, July 27, 2007

Our club finally got a new blackout n_n

Yea~ Today our club finally have a blackout in our club room n_n coz every Fridays we'll have our club meeting n some showing of anime to all the members to watch it together but all this time we were using black cardboard to stick it on the 20feet by 6feet window (really troublesome n oso dangerous if someone fell of while sticking the black cardboards @_@lll) besides that the effect is not that good coz every once in awhile while we are enjoying our anime 1 or 2 of the black cardboard sheets will fall off xp....

TaDaaa... our new blackout n_n

better effect for projecting our anime through the projector n_n

Many Tanx to hubby's daddy who's sponsoring n oso installing for us

Installing our blackout

Ittai...juz now while trying to help out i knock my head on the ceiling while climbing up the table to hang the curtain...lucky its not fully cement or i'll get a bum on my head


ToMCaT said...

Yeah... Finally we are able to watch anime, just like in the cinema... XD

TeddyTales said...

Ya lor, o else no peace while watching anime

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